The End And So It Begins

The end and so it begins is the end to things as we now know it. It starts in and around a city named Fort Bowlsto. There is a military base located there that many have no idea it is there. Over the years there has been conspiracy theories made up about this place saying things like; this is a facility that makes bio-weapons in secrecy. Or there is a new human like species being bred and developed here.

From the outside looking in you would not suspect this kind of facility would be located anywhere near here. Fort Bowlsto is out in the middle of nowhere in the Appalachian Mountain region in southeastern Kentucky. A new bio-weapon is being developed and is almost to the human testing stages. And no one in their right mind would ever allow such test to be conducted on humans, or would they?

The homeless situation in the United States is at an all time high it is at an astronomical number high. And the numbers keep rising because of the bad policies being implemented by the deranged US government. They are trying to bring the economy back but every policy they try fails. There are so many unemployed people the unemployment office cannot keep up and the money has all but run out. The United States is in trouble as the country is about to fall into non existence.

The government says they are not operating any such lab at Fort Bowlsto in fact there shouldn’t be any operations going on there at all. But rumors and conspiracy theories still are adamant that the lab is operating but without any real proof it even exist.

Fort Bowlsto was built during the height of the Cold War. It was constructed as a facility that could withstand any attack no matter what was used it was virtually impossible to penetrate the facility. The facility was built back inside the Appalachian Mountains. Several thousand feet inside the mountain and nearly a mile under the mountain. It was built to be self sustainable and also warehoused millions of tons of food, millions of gallons of fuel and water. There were generators all over the place to run all the electricity needed to operate the facility.

As I mentioned earlier the new bio-weapon was almost ready for human testing to see the effects from the virus on the human body but there is no way anyone would approve such test, or would they?

To be continued.

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