Serial Killer in Appalachia Part Two

Bobby had just seen his mamaw kill someone and instead of shocking Bobby, it excited him. He told his her that he wanted to learn everything there was to learn about the business and this pleased her. So she told Bobby that he would start by working along side Jake so that he could learn the process of making the poison glasses.

As Bobby grew older he learned the way of making the poison glasses. Bobby was now 18 years old. Tom and Bart had been killed in a gun fight a few years back, and Jake was in prison as a result of killing someone over some marijuana.

Bobby’s mamaw was 80 years old now and sick so she told Bobby that he was going to have to start running the business she said that he knew how to do everything and that it was his time. So Bobby agreed to take over the business. He had graduated high school¬† and during the years that he attended high school he had been bullied a lot. And the only thing he did to get his mind off the bullying was finding animals, stray dogs and cats, rabbits and birds, etc. whatever he could find and kill it.

The boys that bullied him were still around and Bobby planned to get them back. He had started experimenting with making poisonous metal by injecting the poison of the hemlock and lead and it worked pretty good. But he had to be very careful about handling it because the poison didn’t need the liquid to be active like the glasses did. He wanted to figure out how to make it so it had a handle with just a little needle used to stick something or someone. The poison was powerful enough that it would only take a jab in the leg or anywhere and the victim would die shortly thereafter.

Bobby finally came up with a solution and designed a “shank” and he decided to try it out that night at the local bar. He knew the boys he had trouble with when he was in school would be at the bar that night, so he decided to go. He walked into the bar and got himself a beer and sat at the bar. He noticed one of the boys headed to the restroom and he thought this would be his chance. Booby got up and went to the restroom and pulled the shank out as he went through the door. The boy was using the urinal and didn’t raise his head as Bobby entered. Bobby walked up behind the guy and jabbed the shank into the back of his leg.

The boy grabbed his leg in pain and turned around and saw Bobby and took a swing at Bobby but he missed and fell in the floor as the poison was already working on him. The boy started convulsing and foaming at the mouth and gasped for air a couple of times as Bobby was knelt down beside him looking the boy directly in the eyes. He could see the fear in the boys eyes and then the boy died.

To Be Continued

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