Doorway to the Past

In 2008 bought a house that was a lot older than me. It was a Victorian house built in very 1900’s.

It was going to be a fixer upper for sure. A lot of things were wrong with the house but my craft was remodeling and building homes so there wasn’t going to be any problems.

As I explored the house looking for what needed to be fixed I came upon a door and when I opened it it was blocked by a wall of brick. The doorway led nowhere and that was very strange. Even when I looked up the blueprints of this house they did not show this doorway.

Only one way to find out what was being blocked off. I started digging the dirt wall that was behind the door. I finally made it through a dirt wall into a room. It was not a big room but it was still there and had been covered up for some reason. I climbed in through the hole I made in the wall and started to look around. As I moved around the room all of the sudden my foot disappeared and it scared me and I jerked it back as if something had bitten me.

It was some kind of a portal of some sort. I stuck my hand through it, I could see my hand disappear and when I brought it back my hand would reappear. Being an adventurous person I decided to crawl through to see what it was not thinking about anything dangerous. Looking down as I crawled my hand disappeared, I instantly drew it back and it reappeared.

I decided to go for it and see where it lead me. As I entered the rabbit hole I started to feel sick, I closed my eyes for a minute and it was better. I felt with my hands and crawled some more and I could feel cool air I opened my eyes and it was unbelievable what I saw.

I was in another world, it was another dimension to our own world. As I stood up I was a little dizzy, not sure if it was from the transformation from my world into this other dimension or if it was from pure shock. It looked the same but different too. The colors were more vibrant and the air smelled cleaner. As I looked around I could tell I was on the same plot of land as was the house I had purchased, but the house was not here. I found some rocks and piled them up around the hole I had crawled through so I would not lose the location so I could go and explore this new world.

To be continued…

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