Dead Bodies in the Painting Part 3

Barney let about a pint of blood drip from the cut on his brother’s arm then he bandaged it up for now. He put together a plan to paint pictures of where he was going to dump each body using blood, from that victim as paint.

Barney had picked out a nice bit of scenery where he was going to discard of his brothers remains. He started painting the scenery and the reds that were in the painting was the actual blood from his brother and it looked quite good.

When Barney finished the painting he took it to an amateur art show that was being put on by the local library. The paintings were then going to be auctioned off at the end of the day. Barney hung around watching people look at his painting and heard a lot of the people saying how well they liked it.

In the mean time Barney’s parents were worried about his brother because he was supposed to come by their house and eat dinner. He never missed showing up to eat. They had for sometime knew where Barney was living and they were afraid maybe Barney had done something bad.

Barney’s parents had called the police and told them that they were afraid something had happened and that they think Barney had something to do with it. The police went to Barney’s house and broke in the door and found the baesment door and looked down in the basement and found the brother that was missing.

The police called for an ambulance and because the brother was in really bad shape they wouldn’t let the parents down to see him. The police told the parents to go to the hospitaal where they were taking their son. The detective assigned to this case went to the hospital and talked to Barney’s brother and he said that he remembered Barney taking blood from him to paint a picture and that he saw him leave with it that morning.

The detective knew about the art show the library was having and he went there and found Barney and the painting. Barney’s painting was at $10,000.00 so far on the auction when the detective stopped the auction to take the painting in as evidence. Barney was arrested for a a whole bunch of charges kidnappind, torture, and attempted murder to name a few. The painting tested positive for containing the brothers blood.

Barney was given life without the possibilty of parole and was taken to prison where he was put in the mental section of the prison. He remained there for the rest of his life.

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