Dead Bodies in the Painting Part 2

Barney gave off an evil laugh as his brother was lying there screaming with pain. The laugh even surprised Barney a little. So he grabbed his brother’s hand again and ripped off another fingernail and another and another until he had ripped off all his brother’s fingernails on both hands.

He then proceeded to pour rubbing alcohol and rubbed salt on the open wounds. His brother passed out from the pain. But Barney was prepared he had smelling salts on hand to wake him up.

He told his brother that it was payback time for the Hell he put me through while growing up. You’ll be begging me to kill you before long. Barney moved to his brother’s feet and commenced to ripping his toenails off as well, and then adding the rubbing alcohol and salt to the nail beds. His brother again passed out from the pain. Barney needed to go get some errands done so he just left his brother and locked the basement door.

Barney needed to pick up a couple of canvases for a project he was dreaming up that would happen in the next few days. When Barney returned he laid out his plan to his brother. Why not tell him, he would never make it out of this house alive to tell anyone anyway. Barney’s plan was to slowly and painfully kill his brother over a few days or weeks however long it takes. Barney told his brother that he had a plan to use his blood in a painting of a place that he was going to take his body to and bury.

His brother was pleading with him not to kill him. Barney just laughed at that and said, “No brother you deserve to die for the Hell you put me through while growing up.” Barney got out his Buck hunting knife, which was sharp enough to shave with. He placed a bucket on the floor under his brother’s arm and he grabbed his brother’s arm and stretched it out of the bucket and sliced his arm.

Blood began to drip into the bucket and his brother was screaming in so much pain. Just to add a little more pain to his brother. Barney took a pair of pliers and grabbed one of the fingers he had previously ripped a fingernail off of and squeezed it with the pliers. His brother was screaming because he was in so much pain and Barney just laughed harder.

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