Tall Tales From the Hills

Tall Tales From the Hills

Tall Tales From the HillsRobert Johnston was 45 years old he was a single father of a little girl named Sally. On August 5, 2001, Robert Johnston was found dead by his little girl.

She called 9-1-1 and the dispatcher talked to her and calmed her down. The policeman that was dispatched to the residence knocked on the door and the dispatcher told Sally that was the officer to let him in.

So she hung up the phone and went and unlocked the door. The officer came in and did a search to make sure no one else was in the house. The ambulance and firetruck showed up next as did the coroner. He pronounced Robert Johnston dead. Sally was six years old so the officer told her that a couple of detectives will be wanting to talk to her in a little while.

Robert didn’t have any family alive they were all dead. Sally’s mother was dead too. Sally was going to have to be put into a foster home. The detectives showed up to the scene and immediately spotted something familiar. He told his partner to look down at the body and his partner saw it also. It was a shell casing that only the police carry. He told his partner that since we know it is a dirty cop let’s not rush this investigation. They needed to get it right because we know that these shell casings have been found at several murder scenes in the past few months.

They went to interview Sally and they asked her if she saw anything unusual this evening. She said no just a police officer was here earlier to talk to daddy about something only grown-ups get to talk about. He said okay sweetie Officer Davis is going to take you out of here for tonight. Officer Davis was the only female officer on the Plano Police force. They got Sally some clothes and put them in a backpack and they left the house.

The detective called the dispatchers office and asked if there was a police call to this residence earlier today. The dispatchers looked and said yes at 1:15Pm Officer Davis was called there. He hung up the phone and told his partner to come on and they headed out the door in pursuit of Office Davis. She was the dirty cop. The detective was driving like a maniac and he caught up to the police car and turned on the lights and sirens.

Officer Davis pulled over and pulled her service revolver and shot Sally dead and then put the gun to her head and killed herself. Turns out Sally’s mother was not dead but that it was Officer Davis. She killed Robert because he had hit her a few times when they were married. She killed Sally because she didn’t want anyone else to raise if she herself couldn’t. Officer Davis killed herself because she didn’t want to go to prison.

This was all written in a suicide note that they found on Officer Davis when they searched her body. The detective could now close several cases that had been opened for a while. It turns out all the ones that were murdered were divorced and had been very mean to their spouses and children. She killed them all, case closed.

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