Killer Book Part Two

killer book

killer bookDaniel and the officer talked about the book and the officer wanted to take it but Daniel wouldn’t let him. Daniel said he needed to continue reading it to find out what was going to happen next. The officer said well there isn’t a crime being committed so there is nothing we can do.

Which Daniel already knew this because it was written in the book. Daniel poured himself another cup of coffee and started reading again.  He began reading another chapter and the book said he had already encountered the killer, but didn’t give any description or names. Daniel was at a loss, he had already met his killer but had no clue who it was or what they looked like or a name or anything.

Daniel was afraid to go to sleep so he started taking little white pills to stay awake. In fact, he was taking so many pills and drinking coffee on top of that he was beginning to hallucinate. He began seeing shadows move and was hearing things too. He didn’t know if what he was seeing or hearing was real or not. The pills were really messing with his mind and the lack of sleep was too.

Daniel was in a bad way and thoughts of suicide started entering his mind. But those thoughts were not in the book. How could this be? All the other thoughts were in the book. Now he was really paranoid. The book had been 100% correct all up to the point that suicide entered his mind. Now he didn’t know if he was going to be killed or if he would kill himself.

He needed help so he called the suicide hotline and they talked him into going to the hospital. The suicide hotline called the ambulance and cops. They then called him back to tell him the ambulance and cops were on their way to his house. The cops showed up first and then the ambulance pulled up. The cops were just there for protection for the EMS workers in case Daniel had a gun or something.

One of the cops was the cop from earlier that had come to Daniel’s house. As the EMS people were getting him strapped down on the gurney. The cop pulls out his gun and shoots Daniel in the head killing him instantly. The cop killed the two EMS people and the other cop. The officer reached and picked up the book and took it with him. He left his patrol car parked in an alley and ran to his car that was parked in a parking garage. He was taking the book and himself on to the next town where his murderous spree could continue on.

The cop experienced no feelings he was frigid in that area and that is what made him such a good serial killer. Daniel made his 200th kill. Because he has been doing this for centuries. Turns out the “cop” was a demon from the pits of Hell. He would never die or be destroyed. The book called ‘Killer Book’ was a few thousand years old. It was a magical book that would write itself whenever it was bought by a stranger. And whoever bought the book was this demon’s next victim.

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