Killer Book

Killer BookDaniel Reed is sitting in his living room one day and decides he wants to go to the bookstore and get a new book. He gets in his car and drives downtown to Martin’s Bookstore and goes in to look around.

After about a half hour he finds a book called ‘Killer Book’ and on the cover, it just shows a pair of bloody hands. 

So he decides to purchase the book. When he gets home and starts reading it, he can’t put it down. For some reason, there is some kind of familiar feeling about this book. The books main character is named Daniel and he is a single man of the age of 50 years old. Maybe that is the connection his name and the character in the book is the same age as Daniel.

But something else felt too familiar it was as if this book was about his life. That can’t be Daniel thought, can it? How would someone be able to write a book about his life? I mean sometimes they may hit on little items that make you think about your own life. But this was different it was, in fact, his own life.

After he re-read the first couple of chapters to make sure he was not crazy, the book was about his own life. He quickly explored the internet about the author on the internet and according to what he read the author had died a few years ago. Daniel couldn’t go to the publisher about the book because the author had self-published it.

So Daniel made himself a cup of coffee and continued to read the book. He was shaking his head and trying to imagine how this had happened. It was like he himself had written the book. This author got everything right about Daniel. The author had gotten everything right about Daniel he got the who he was and what he did for a living. He also got that Daniel was divorced and had one daughter named Kathy.

As Daniel continued on with the reading of apparently his biography, he was getting to the part about a killer. Daniel was really worried by this time about his life. He was afraid for his life. So he called 9-1-1 and had an officer come to his house and talk to him. When the police officer showed up Daniel let him in and they sat down at the dinner table. Daniel slid the book to him, and the officer began to read it.

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