The Outbreak

The OutbreakThe Outbreak. Paramount Middle School is located in the town of Newbrook, Texas. It is located not far from The Covert Corps army base.

There are tales spinning in town that some very weird experiments are going on in that facility. The kids at Paramount Middle School are in danger because of the proximity to the base.

There are chemical experts that are located in the school to give aid in case if there were ever a “release” from the base. The chemical experts also do training two times per month as required by the United States Government. They ran drills so the kids would know what to do in case of a real emergency. It so happens that April 23 an emergency occurred, there was an accidental release of a chemical that affects the brain. It turns rats extremely violent.

There was a delay in notifying the school. In Mrs. Peterson’s English class she had the window open because it was a rather warm day. The chemical cloud slipped in unnoticed and the first person it affected was Tim. He was a large boy for his age, tall, and strong. It instantly changed him from a very nice person to a very mean person. He disrupted the class and Mrs. Peterson walked over to him and told him to quiet down. He stood up and knocked her to the ground breaking her nose in the process.

Some other boys tried to subdue him but he threw them off. Then several other students turned and they went out of the classroom and started going door to door. This chemical not only made them extremely violent but it also enhanced their strength, hence why the army was even working on it. The problem was once they turned there was no way to turn them back. Once it spread throughout the whole school, the kids left the building and started terrorizing the town.

The Outbreak

The army had to make some very tough decisions as there was no cure for this, no way to turn these kids back. They called the parents of these kids and had a meeting with them. They broke to them the bad news. The parents were all devastated and didn’t want to believe what they were being told. But during the meeting, the kids made their way to the assembly hall where the meeting was being held and broke the doors down.

These kids weren’t kids anymore. The chemical had even started changing their features. The army made a quick decision to destroy the kids/monsters now. April 23 was a very bad day in Newbrook, Texas. From that day forward the town dried up and withered away. The government even decided to destroy the whole town, trying to cover up the mistake. There was only one problem, they didn’t get all the creatures killed. There just so happened to be a male and female that had escaped, and they had already mated and a quartet of creatures existed now. It began to spread. It spread without anyone knowing it until it was too late.

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