Murder of Karin Harmon

Murder of Karin HarmonMurder of Karin Harmon. Charles and Karen Harmon have been married for 25 years. They have two kids that are both in college.

Charles works away from home a lot, traveling abroad for his company. Karen is a homemaker, she stayed out of the workforce to take care of the two boys. But they are in college now and no one is at the house with Karen.

So she decides that she wants to go get a job. She does without talking to Charles about it first. While she is applying for some jobs she meets a man named John. He is applying for work as well. They start talking. After they both had submitted their applications he asked her to go have dinner with him. She agrees to a harmless dinner, but he is very attractive.

She can’t help but think about the last time she and her husband even made love. It has been a long time and now she’s tired of waiting. They eat dinner and keep talking and joking around and they have a couple of drinks. Things were starting to happen she felt herself being attracted to John. But she is married she thinks, but Charles is always gone. And when he comes home is so tired he sleeps all the time.

Murder of Karin Harmon

So she tells John why don’t you follow me back to my place. He agrees to follow her. When they get to Karen’s house they don’t waste any time. They make love and when it is over Karen thinks what have I done? 25 years of marriage just gets thrown out the window. John says he needs to go to the bathroom and she points him in the right direction.

He comes back in about 10 minutes and pulls out a gun and shoots her in the head. She is killed instantly. John goes around checking things making sure to wipe down all areas he thinks he touched. John used a condom so there won’t be any DNA for the detectives to find. He gets dressed and walks outside to get in his car. He gets his cell phone and makes a call, he tells the person that answers that the job is finished. The person on the other end of the conversation tells him where to meet him. It’s a little bar downtown so John agrees and heads that way.

Murder of Karin Harmon

When he gets to the bar he walks inside and sees the man who hired him to kill Karen Harmon. He walks up to Charles Harmon and shakes his hand. They sit back down and Charles wants to know details. So John fills him in on what happened and Charles thanks, John and hands him the money.

Charles says I’ll be right back gonna go get you a drink. He gets the drinks and in one hand he has a red pill capsule. Charles breaks the capsule and pours the contents into the drink. He comes back and hands John his drink and poses a toast. They clink their glasses and John takes the shot of brandy and drinks it down. He immediately starts convulsing and white foam comes out of his mouth and then a lot of blood pours out. The capsule contained Arsenic and that is a painful way to die.

Charles says to the bartender call 911 his friend is choking blood is gushing out of his mouth. His body is contorting in ways Charles has never seen before. And finally, John stops moving and is dead. The cops, ems, and firefighters all respond but it is too late. There is no saving John and the paramedic says it looks like he swallowed poison.

Charles cashes in the life insurance policy on his wife and retires from his job. The detectives never did figure out what happened and how it happened. They did suspect that Charles may have had a hand in all of it. But they didn’t have the evidence to back up that theory. Charles moves to Hawaii and enjoys the rest of his life.


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