Happy Three Year Anniversary

Happy Three Year AnniversaryHappy Three Year Anniversary. I wrote this over three years ago, it is a love story that is still being written. We are still seeing one another. And we have had some rocky times and a small break up but we have powered through them. I met you a long time ago while in school.

We had our first kiss on a bus on the way home from a ball game. You got in trouble the next day for it. We went to a couple of parties together but you had a boyfriend at the time. And we went our separate ways.

We never really spoke from that day on, but you were always in my memory. I got married to another woman and for 18 long years, I never forgot about you. Whenever I was down or there was trouble on the homefront, I thought of you.

I even lived not far from you. And I would often drive out that way to see if I could get a glimpse of you. I was a local truck driver for many years and met on the road often. But you didn’t know who the guy waving at you was. I doubt you knew any truck drivers. I would often see you out at community events. But remained faceless staying back in the shadows just watching.

For some reason, we both ended up being divorced nearly at the same time. Maybe it was destiny.  But you contacted me on facebook we were friends anyway. You thought maybe we could help each other cope while going through our divorces.

We have now been “seeing” each other on a regular basis for five, almost six months. I must say without a shadow of a doubt. That these have been the happiest times in a very long time for me. I fell in love with you so long ago. It never really went away for me, we just married the wrong people.

Happy Three Year Anniversary

Between laughing for no reason, or our stupid disagreements we have had. Or to our almost all night long talks on facebook messenger. Plus our weird ways of making fun of one another. I fell in love with you for real this time.

True love never has a happy ending, because true love will never end. Babe, you must be my true love. Because what I felt for you years ago is still what I feel for you today, plus a lot more! Everything just feels right to me, and I know you are way happier than you were. I just hope this time we stay on track.

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