The Cabin I Found in the Woods Conclusion

The Cabin I Found in the Woods ConclusionThe Cabin I Found in the Woods Conclusion. So they all met back at the university. They left their vehicles and grabbed their bags.

Each of them loaded up into one of those blacked out government vans you sometimes hear about. The vans transported them to the side of a mountain literally and up to a huge steel door.

It opened up and the van drove inside and the big door closed behind them. The van followed a tunnel that barely looked wide enough for two vehicles to pass each other.

They finally came to an opening and that is where the van stopped and they all exited the van and were told to leave their stuff in it. The place looked like an army base, people with guns all over the place dressed in fatigues, some marched in unison. There were armed guards everywhere and John asked the HS guy what were they afraid of inside this mountain that they needed

so many people with guns? He held up the cannister and said, “This John, you’re not the first person to see these. They have been popping up all over the country. Each one is identical to the one you have shown us.” John asked, “So what you think it’s an invasion of some sort?” “It could be John”, said the HS guy.

So they got checked in and were made to wear a plastic bracelet like you get in the hospital. It had the day you checked in and your birthdate on it. Alongside with your name and address and a barcode. They were escorted by men with guns to their perspective rooms and told to wait until further instructions were given to them. They were not allowed to have their cell phones even though they likely wouldn’t work on the inside of the mountain anyway.

The Cabin I Found in the Woods Conclusion

It seemed like forever that they waited and waited but further instructions never came. They were brought food and drinks, and each room had a bed, tv, bathroom with a shower and chair and table. Just like any typical hotel room. John was getting antsy and he went to the door to open it but found it locked. That was odd, now it felt like he was in jail. He beat on the door and yelled but no one could hear him.

Finally after what seemed like days but it could not have been days John thinks because he hasn’t slept any. The door opened and in stepped a person dressed in fatigues. He said, “You must be John, I have heard a great deal about you.” What is going on here?” John asked This new person said, “Not to worry John all your questions will be answered soon.” , said this person, “But for now, try and relax and eat, sleep take a shower watch some tv.”

After what seemed like a week or two, John couldn’t be sure because there was nothing that had dates or times or even days of the weeks listed not even the tv. The door opened again and in stepped another person in fatigues. John said, “How long have I been here?” This person did not talk, smile or show any kind of emotion. And suddenly this guys eyes started to change and he gave off a low rumble, growl and licked his lips. That is when John figured out he wasn’t being saved from whatever he had found. He was being prepared for their meal.

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