The Cabin I Found in the Woods Part 3

The Cabin I Found in the Woods Part 3The Cabin I Found in the Woods Part 3. We all agreed that taking some time to get a plan together was good.

So we would be able to get in and get out without incident. Dan suggested that we should notify the government and just maybe let them handle it.

Maybe they would allow us to be apart of the investigation? I said, Well, I definitely want to be apart of it because it is on my land. So we decided to call the authorities in.

First, the local sheriff stopped by and he contacted the state police. The state police stopped by and they called in the FBI. And an agent from the local office was there within the hour. He, in turn, called his boss and told him he probably would want to see this. His boss showed up and was blown away. They asked me to tell them how I came upon this. I told them I was out looking for deer sign because of deer season starting soon. So I climbed a hill behind my house and was going to drop off into the next holler. But then I saw what looked like a cabin so I went to investigate.

I wanted to investigate it because it was on my land and it wasn’t there the week before. But it looked like it had been there forever. The agent said, “Is it possible that you just never saw it before?” I told him no it’s not possible. Because I know every crook and nanny in any one of the hollers on my farm. I told them how when I got to the cabin there was a strong acid smell. It had nearly knocked me down when I approached the door.

The Cabin I Found in the Woods Part 3

But then it went away and then on the inside were a bunch of incubators. In the incubators were these eggs. The incubators were powered by a generator since obviously there was no electric. When I reached into the one incubator. I pulled out an egg and I cracked it to see what was inside. An awful acidy smell caused me to drop the egg shattering it and nearly knocked me out. And that is when I saw this little guy. So I scooped him up in this canister I found and brought him here.

The agent asked me how many more were there. I said, “At least maybe 15 incubators and they had a few eggs in each one.” He said, “And you didn’t see what it was that put these eggs and incubators in there?” I said, “No sir I didn’t hang around to find out what it was.” So he and his colleague discussed the plan to attack this. They decided it would be best to call in someone from homeland security. Because this looked like an actual extraterrestrial being and that is their department.

The Cabin I Found in the Woods Part 3

So the agent in charge called someone from homeland security (HS). They sent one of their people over to the university. We again went through the same thing where I told them how I found them. The HS person asked me if I felt fine after breathing in the acid smell. I said, “Yea, it didn’t bother me I don’t guess. I just felt like I was going to pass out the one time. But since then I have felt fine.” He suggested that I go get checked out anyway. So he took me to one of their Dr’s and they did a complete check and the Dr said, “I looked normal and healthy.”

The HS guy asked if we three were the only ones that knew about this. I said no the girl at the information desked saw it but I’m not sure if she thought it was an animal or what. Alo the local sheriff and the state police and that FBI agent and his boss. He decided the girl probably just thought it was an animal and the others he could make sure they didn’t talk about it. “We need to keep this to ourselves”, he said, “So I will need to keep you three together until we know exactly what we are dealing with. I need you all to go straight home get a few clothes and come and meet me back here. We will take you to our secure facility until we know for sure what it is.”


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