The Cabin I Found in the Woods Part 2

The Cabin I Found in the Woods Part 2The Cabin I Found in the Woods Part 2. So John picks up one of the eggs. He cracks it and that awful acidy smell hits him immediately and he drops the egg.

It breaks completely now and whats inside it scares the daylights out of John.

It looks like a tiny human being, not a baby but a full grown man, but it’s tiny. So he scoops it up in a bowl he found. He heads out of the cabin before whoever or whatever brought these here comes back.

He thinks when he gets back to his house he will drive over to the University. And see if one of the science teachers or biology teachers can see what this is. John gets back home and gets in his truck and heads out towards town and the university. Whatever this thing has died when the egg fell to the floor and broke open. John gets to the university. And he asked the information desk person. If they could get a teacher from the science or biology labs to come meet him here?

The girl at the information desk asked John what it was regarding. John opened the canister to show her and she about jumped out of her skin. She said, “Yes I will get someone just you wait right here.” The biologist professor came out to meet with John and he said, “I understand you have something you want to show me?” John pulled the lid off the canister and the professor took a step back and then told John to follow him.

The Cabin I Found in the Woods Part 2

They got to the biology lab and the professor locked the door behind John. They took the canister over to a table and pulled the thing out of the can to get a better look at it. John said, “Professor do you have any idea what this is?” The professor shook his head and said, “No, but let me see if a colleague of mine in the science lab does.” The professor was gone just a few short minutes and when he and another professor a woman came into the lab and locked the door behind them.

Dan the biology professor introduced Karen and she was the science professor. She took a look at what it was on the table and asked if it were dead? I said, “I assume its dead, it was in an egg and I dropped it and it broke and this thing was inside of it. There is a bunch more and they are in incubators inside an old cabin on my farm.”

John also said, “There also was a really acid smell when I got to the cabin but then it went away. But when this egg broke open the smell of acid knocked me down and that’s when I dropped the egg and it broke.” John said, “I want to go back and get the rest of these things now.” Karen said, “We need to have patience because we don’t know exactly what we are dealing with.”

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