The Cabin I Found in the Woods

The Cabin I Found in the WoodsThe Cabin I Found in the Woods. John grew up in a rural community with the nearest town being over 10 miles away and it was a one stop light kind of town.

It’s a great place to live and grow up, but there is nothing to do here. Unless you like hunting and fishing and camping and so on.

Luckily John loved hunting and spent most of his free time in the woods on the farm he grew up on.

It was almost deer season and John went into the woods to check for deer sign, scrapes on the ground or rubs on trees or bedding down areas and hoof tracks. He has been all over these woods and knows every nook and cranny in every holler. As he crests the top of one of the tall hills behind his house he notices something unfamiliar. In the distance, it looks like a cabin of some sort.

John raises his rifle and looks through the scope and turns up the magnification and sees it is a cabin. But it doesn’t look like a new cabin, instead, it looks like it has been there forever. But that can’t be he knows these woods like the back of his hand and that cabin was not there last week. So he sneaks down the other side of the hill and gets closer to investigate it some more. It seems deserted too, or maybe whoever lives there is out scouting for deer also. This land belonged to his dad and now belongs to John.

The Cabin I Found in the Woods

Where John is from it doesn’t do much good to call the police for help. Because it would take them too long to get there to save you. So John must trust his deer rifle and the 45. caliber pistol he has on his side. As he gets closer he smells a smell that nearly knocks him down. It’s not a rotting meat smell but like an acid type smell. It is very strong and seems to be the strongest around the door. As he gets to the door of the cabin he can hear something buzzing inside. He makes his way to the window and peeks inside.

There are four or five incubators on a table and they have heat lams over them to keep whatever is in those incubators warm. He doesn’t see anything else in the one-room cabin, and apparently, the buzzing noise he heard is a generator because there is no electric running to this cabin. John makes his way all the way around the cabin to make sure nobody or no animals are around. The place seems deserted but that can’t be. Somone brought these incubators there and set them up and put whatever kind of eggs those are under the heat lamps.

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