The Death House on Trouser Leg Road Part Two

The Death House on Trouser Leg Road Part TwoThe Death House on Trouser Leg Road Part Two. Roberts mouth, while he was partying, was about to get him in trouble.

He bragged to the wrong person. The person he was bragging to was actually a police informant. And he was needing some good information to get himself out of trouble.

Robert woke up the next day at his house trailer. He needed to get to cooking up his next batch of Crystal meth. His boss was expecting it later that day. When he got all the chemicals mixed together and cooking. There was a knock on his door and he wasn’t expecting anyone. He grabbed his gun and peeked out a peephole and it was the cops. This was definitely going to put a wrinkle in his operation.

The house trailer was a meth lab full of chemicals. Robert had a dead man’s switch wired to explosives in the trailer. If he was ever to be caught making the meth. He already had it in his mind he was not going back to prison. Robert would use the switch and kill him and whoever was in there with him. He had suffered while in prison after being raped, beaten up and left for dead in a shower room. And he told himself he would never go back he’d rather be dead.

The Death House on Trouser Leg Road Part Two

So he hollered out to the cops and told them to back away. Because he had this trailer wired with explosives. And that he wasn’t afraid of setting them off. So the cops retreated to a safe distance they thought. They didn’t know Robert had enough chemicals inside that trailer to blow a huge crater in the ground. Robert didn’t realize how much chemicals he had either.

Robert was trying to figure out a way to get out of this. He thought the cops were there to find his meth lab. Robert didn’t know they were there to arrest him for the Gainer family massacre. He had to call his boss, he didn’t want to have to do that ever. Robert told his boss the cops were here and that he wasn’t going to be able to get his order of Meth to him. His boss was infuriated and said he was on his way and would take care of the cops.

The Death House on Trouser Leg Road Part Two

The cops used a bullhorn and said, “Robert, we need you to come out with your hands in the air.” Robert said, “I’m not going to do that. You will have to take my body out in a body bag, I’m not going back to prison on drug charges.” They asked him why he thought they were here. Robert said, “for the crystal meth I make and sale.” They said, “No we didn’t even know you cooked meth. We are here to arrest you for the Gainer family massacre that you did.”

Robert told them he didn’t do it. The cops said, “We have a witness that heard you bragging about the murders and how you did them, that is willing to testify.” About that time shots started it was Roberts boss and thugs shooting at the cops. The meth lab with Robert in it was in the middle. Bullets were zinging through the trailer walls. All of the sudden a bullet hit some containers and the biggest explosion happened. It was like an atomic bomb, a huge mushroom cloud went up in the air. The blast overpressure of the explosion was very strong and the shock wave killed all the cops and Roberts boss and thugs. Of course, Robert was blown to pieces as well. Justice was served.

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6 thoughts on “The Death House on Trouser Leg Road Part Two

  1. Ha! He told the cops about the crystal meth. Never mind his crimes, he deserved to die for being so stupid.
    I love this – it reminds me of Breaking Bad.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m guessing most hooked on Meth that cook it aren’t probably the sharpest tools in the shed. And now that you mention it. It does kinda make me think of Breaking bad.

  2. Interesting twist. Was expecting a bit more at the end at first after reading grisly origins of the house. First time I have read anything from you and would like to get back into writing myself. Looking forward to reading more!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I have only just started writing again. There are lots of short stories on this blog. I write just anything that pops into my head whenever I sit down at the computer…Enjoy!

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