The Death House on Trouser Leg Road Part One

The Death House on Trouser Leg Road Part One
This house “The Old Bishop House” is from the 1971 thriller move called: Let’s Scare Jessica to Death

The Death House on Trouser Leg Road Part One. The locals nicknamed it that because many years back a family of five were killed there.

They had all had their throats sliced, and it was not done fast. The coroner’s estimates say that each victim was killed at least an hour maybe two after the other victim’s.

That means each family member had to see their loved one die in the most gruesome way possible.

The police never caught who did it. But they had suspected a couple of people, but could not make an arrest because the evidence was not there. One suspect was Robert Schwab, he had some prior convictions for robbery and drug use. But he had never done any killing in any of the crimes he was found guilty of committing. The theory that the detectives had come up with was that the father of the family killed had provoked Robert. And that Robert had gotten enraged and went to seek revenge and ended up killing all the family.

The Gainer family had just moved into the house on Trouser Leg Road. There were the father and mother and three small children. The father was a suspected drug dealer but they had no concrete evidence of this. The mother worked over at the Walmarts on Sycamore street. The kids aged 5, 7, and 10 were of course in school.

The Death House on Trouser Leg Road Part One

Robert Schwab was a loner he was 30 years old. His parent had both died in a car accident some years back. He had been staying with his grandmother but she had kicked him out because of his drug use. He pretty much was living as a squatter in different abandoned houses. This also could have been one of the reasons the family died. Robert had done some time in prison already for armed robbery. So he was already on the local police’s radar.

John Gainer moved his family to Pierce County. It was kind of out in the boondocks. A place where he thought he could with making Crystal meth and he did. He had been run out of Beechum County by other drug dealers. They had made threats to his family and he moved them out overnight and left no forwarding address. John Gainer had a lifelong history of drug abuse the same for his wife. They had been arrested numerous times on drug charges.

The Death House on Trouser Leg Road Part One

The police in Pierce County never made the connection between these two – Robert and John. But they did suspect Robert in the murders. But you can’t make an arrest and make it stick without the proof and they didn’t have that.

Robert was out partying one night. And his mouth got loose on him and he started bragging about killing John Gainer and his family. Robert gave out all the gory details about how he killed each family member and forced the others to watch. He killed the youngest daughter who was five first. And just left her dead body lying beside the other two kids. Robert then killed the mother and left her lifeless body beside John while he killed the other two children. He left John for last and he had not planned on killing John he just meant to hurt him. He wanted John to have to live knowing his family died because of him.


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  1. Murder and other deviant behavior….. always leaves me curious. Is this fiction? Enjoyed your post! Also, liked the photo 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, it is fiction at least I hope it is Lol. Yea the house I am glad you mentioned it – I forgot to add the credits for the image it is called “The Old Bishop House” from the 1971 thriller movie “Let’s Scare Jessica to Death

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