Open Letter To the Two Companies that Screwed Me

Open Letter To the Two Companies that Screwed MeOpen Letter To the Two Companies that Screwed Me. I apologize in advance for having to do this. But it most certainly will help me with what I am going through.

This has been building for a long time. And it has finally come to a head and is ready to explode. This open letter is actually to all who have screwed me in the past.

Because of you I now deal with severe depression, which in turn is causing my health to degenerate.

This began in 2003 when I first became injured on the job due to falling. I drove a tractor-trailer for 18 years and I pulled a hazardous materials tanker. We hauled some really bad stuff the three main chemicals we hauled were ACETONE. PHENOL, MALEIC ANHYDRIDE.  While transporting hazardous materials. The driver has to get out of the truck and do a walk around inspection every two hours. This is a rule required by the Department of Transportation.

On the night that I injured my knee. I was in the process of delivering a load of ACETONE to a company in Bedford Heights, Ohio. While doing my DOT required walk around for safety I stepped wrong and fell twisting my knee in the process. You the company pressured me to continue on. Because it was so late and would be hard to find a driver to cover the load. When I got back to the terminal the next morning I went straight to Urgent Care. And I was taken off work, a brace was put on my leg and I had to use crutches.

Open Letter To the Two Companies that Screwed Me

You the company fought me on my workman’s comp claim. Knowing all along that I did you a favor by delivering the load so it would not be late. I fought you in the BWC hearings for two solid months. Trying to get you to pay to get me treated and back to work. Finally, after two months, you allowed me to go see an orthopedic surgeon. He recommended having a knee arthroscopy to see what was damaged, but you denied it. You the company even denied me Corticosteroid Injections that the orthopedic surgeon said may help. Since the company would not allow the surgery.

Finally, after about three months of physical therapy, I was allowed to go back to work. But instead of going back to you because of how I was treated. I quit and went to work at another company.

Now on to the second company, I was only in training with you, a union company too. We delivered new commercial trucks from the factory to sales lots or companies direct. I was with a trainer but pulling my own load of trucks. We delivered a load of trucks to a place in North Carolina. It was a stormy morning and we were pushed to get the trucks delivered. Because we already had our next load ready.

I was in the process of undecking the first of three trucks I had. I was unhooking a strap under the hood so I could move that truck out of the way. A huge gust of wind slammed the hood closed.  It came down and landed on my head, neck, and back and knocked me unconscious for a few seconds. I was unable to finish undecking the rest of the trucks. When the trainer called the safety department they suggested just flying back to Ohio. Doing this without going to the hospital to be checked out. This injury put me out of commission for a very long time.

Open Letter To the Two Companies that Screwed Me

This company even though it was a union company. Fought me tooth and nail on EVERYTHING the Dr. suggested for treatment. They spent $100,000.00 surveilling me. How do I know this? It was listed on the fees list that they are required to show when asked for it. Altogether they spent close to $250,000 fighting me for two years. They finally agreed to allow me to have an MRI on my neck which was hurt the worst. It showed a three bulged disc that the neurosurgeon wanted to do surgery on. The company refused to do the surgery and also refused to allow cortisone shots to be administered.

In the process of battling me, the union did absolutely nothing to help out me. When I got hurt they turned their backs on me. Once we had the information we needed (MRI, Neurosurgeon notes, Dr’s notes). We filed a lawsuit in court. Thanks to the courts being so slow it was going to take another two years to get a trial. Which we could have easily one. But since I had already been fighting them for over two years. The money I had was being depleted fast and finally ran out. I was evicted from where I lived and lost two vehicles due to repossession.

Open Letter To the Two Companies that Screwed Me

I ended up having to settle out of court for a considerably less amount because I HAD to have money. They screwed me long enough that I had drained all my savings. And once we had filed for the court hearing the worker’s comp money stopped.

I wrote this open letter. Because I just wanted to tell you (both companies plus the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers) you suck! The noise that both of you filled your lawyers with was uncalled for. And had I been able to hold off you would have been paying for it, dearly.

This open letter was suggested by my therapist. She is helping me to cope with my depression brought on largely because of both of you. I hope both of these two companies go under. One has gone under several times. But somehow comes back under a new name and management. Sorry for this long post but I needed to get this off my chest. This is my starting over point, ridding myself of the thoughts that I have had for years about both companies.

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