The Thing in the Closet Killed Me

The Thing in the Closet Killed MeThe Thing in the Closet Killed Me. I was killed the other night by the thing that lived in my closet. Really, I didn’t know it lived in my closet until about a week before it killed me.

I was like any regular little boy, I had monsters that lived under my bed. Also in the closet and always had my dad to check them before I could go to sleep.

The week before I died. I began to have nightmares about this thing that lived in my closet and it killed me. It would begin and end the very same way every night. I would be fast asleep and suddenly sharp pains would hit my chest. And then a heaviness that caused me to not be able to breathe. This thing, that apparently killed me was a female. Or at least it looked female with the long hair, long fingernails, and it wore a nightgown. The last thing I can remember is the clock was always flashing 1:00 AM. And then this thing was sitting on my chest. It began plunging its fingernails into my chest and squeezing my heart then I died.

This happened over and over the week before I died. It began the same way and always ended the same way. Finally, the night before I was murdered I let my mom and dad know what was going on. They both blew it off as something I read or watched on Tv, or online. They both said that I was perfectly safe in this house in my room. And again that night the thing crept out of the closet over to my bed. It hopped up on my chest and plunged its fingernails into my chest squeezing my heart. With the other hand covering my mouth so I could not scream for help.

The Thing in the Closet Killed Me

On the night that I was killed. I begged my mom and dad to let me sleep with them and they refused. And they made me go to my room and get in bed. Dad even tore through my closet showing me there was nothing there. I drifted off to sleep as much as I tried to stay awake but I couldn’t. I woke up suddenly with that thing on my chest. It had its hand in my chest and the other one covering my mouth. But tonight was different I was able to set up in bed. When I did I saw my clock flashing 12:59 AM and then suddenly the closet door opened.

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