Group of Kids Kidnapped on Halloween Part Two

Group of Kids Kidnapped on Halloween Part TwoGroup of Kids Kidnapped on Halloween Part Two. The kid’s lives now lie in the hands of the FBI. The FBI does not have a good rating in the public’s eyes now since all the scandals have come about.

This more than likely is not going to turn out well just because the Los Zetas cartel is involved.

It was typical of the Los Zetas cartel to use brutal tactics, which include beheadings to terrorize their victims and intimidate them, torture, and indiscriminate slaughter, show that they often prefer brutality over bribery.

But these kids were going to be subject to a different kind of treatment. The LZ is throwing a big party and the highlight of the evening will be a game of survival. These kids are going to be paired girl boy, girl boy and sent into a maze of tunnels and will have to literally fight for their lives. The LZ cartel has cameras throughout the tunnels so they can watch.

This is some sick psychopathic joy the leader of the LZ cartel enjoys to see. He says, “There is nothing better than a person bleeding unless it is a child.” Meanwhile, the FBI is in contact with the Mexican government trying to get permission to come into their country and try to locate these kids before it is too late.

Group of Kids Kidnapped on Halloween Part Two

The Mexican government has finally agreed to allow the FBI to come into Mexico and conduct their business of finding these kids. They only agreed after they wanted the tariffs that President Trump placed upon their exports to the United States lifted.

Back at the LZ cartels compound, they are preparing these kids for literally the fight of their lives. They each were made to wear a bright orange jumpsuit. This by itself was going to make it very difficult to survive because of being noticed. The kids were taken to a building that had a hole in the floor with a ladder that went down into the tunnels. They each were given a hunting knife and then told to find their way out of the tunnels. But not to come back to this manhole or they will cut off their heads.

The two teams were started at the exact opposite sides of the maze. The other two kids were given 9 mm guns and were shown how to cock the hammer back, and put the safety off so they could shoot. Both teams were thinking they were going to have to fight something or somebody. They never once thought they would have to fight each other.


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