Group of Kids Kidnapped on Halloween

Group of Kids Kidnapped on HalloweenGroup of Kids Kidnapped on Halloween – A group of kids was kidnapped on Halloween. This is all Detective John Smith needs on his hands.

He already has he thinks two serial killers running loose in the medium size city of Eloy, Texas. So, he heads out to where the kids were last seen.

The patrol officers did a good job of clearing the people out and taping it off. Now he and his team can look for clues.

The parents of these kids are standing over out of the way. He asked one of the patrol officers how many kids went missing? The officers says, “there were four, two boys and two girls.” Det. Smith is scouring the area looking for any sign of these missing kids. He does happen to find a piece of fabric presumably belonging to a girl since it is pink. So he bags it as evidence and continues on looking.

The kids have been abducted by the Oaxaca cartel, a small drug cartel out of Mexico. They have been taken across the border into Mexico to one of the cartel’s many houses. This cartel was in a bad way with Los Zetas cartel. LZ was going to kill them but gave them one last chance. They told Oaxaca cartel if they could go into the United States and kidnap two boys and two girls. Then bring them back to the LZ cartel and they would not kill them. The Los Zetas cartel had plans for this group of kids.

Group of Kids Kidnapped on Halloween

Detective Smith was busy working on the kidnappings. From the evidence that he had found it was a Drug Cartel kidnapping and that was going to end badly. It always ends badly when the drug cartels are involved. Det Smith also has reason to believe that the kids have been taken to Mexico, so now it was gonna mean the feds would have to handle it.

The LZ cartel was going to use these kids in a game for a celebration that they were going to have. It was going to be a game of survival for these kids. Osiel Cárdenas Guillén the leader of LZ cartel went into the holding area where the kids were being held. When he entered the room one of the boys tried to attack him. Osiel Cárdenas Guillén beat the boy bad, there was blood coming from his ears, mouth, and nose.

He gave them a speech in English so they would understand. Osiel Cárdenas Guillén told them that they have been brought here to be a part of a game. We are having a big celebration and we wanted to have something special. He told them all he was going to say was that it was a game of survival.

Det. Smith has given the feds all he has on this group of missing kids as far as evidence. Now Det. Smith can get back to trying to catch this killing machine/serial killer.




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