Parents Plead for the Safe Return of Alice Thompson

Parents Plead for the Safe Return of Alice ThompsonParents Plead for the Safe Return of Alice Thompson. Alice has been missing for a week now. She is described as being 14 years old with red hair and blue eyes.

Alice was last seen wearing jeans, T-shirt, and had a black book bag on. She is around five feet tall and weighs about 105 pounds. If seen call 9-1-1 the flyer said.

This went on for three weeks with no leads as to who took her or what happened. For the first year, her parents desperately searched for her. They made countless flyers and hung them everywhere. Friends had searched and passed out flyers and still, nobody saw anything or knew anything.

But after the first year was up, her parents seemed to lose interest. It was like they gave up and accepted the fact she was gone forever. They started traveling to all sorts of places around the globe. And when they were asked about their little girl they would erupt in anger. Five years passed and still not a trace of evidence had been found.

Parents Plead for the Safe Return of Alice Thompson

On the 10 year anniversary. John and Sue, Alice’s parents were sitting at the kitchen table drinking wine with some good friends. The phone rang and Sue answered it, “Hello”, she said. The line was quiet for a few seconds and then, “Hi Mommy!”, said Alice. Sue screamed and dropped the phone and John said, “What happened?” She told him she needed to talk to him in private.

Sue got John in the bathroom and said, “That call was from our daughter, Alice. How can that be John? John said, “maybe it was just someone who sounded like Alice. Sue said, “No, I know what my daughter sounds like. Over the next few days, they keep getting phone calls from the same number as the one the other night. They don’t answer it because they are scared.

See Alice didn’t exactly go missing 10 years ago. John and Sue murdered the little girl and threw her body down an old well out in the woods. They tied cinder blocks to the body so it would sink in the water. Who was this calling them? Was it someone who knew what had really happened? The voice on the line sounded like Alice and they were conversant with things only Alice would have known. There is no way it could be Alice though we killed her.


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