Maggie Has Been Missing For Two Weeks

Maggie Has Been Missing For Two WeeksMaggie Has Been Missing For Two Weeks and the police were about to put the case on the shelf.  They told me that after a few days the likely hood she would be found alive if she was found at all was slim to none.  Maggie was my 13-year-old daughter she went missing two weeks ago from the bus stop.

We have exhausted all sources to try and find her. There is no evidence, no anything, its as if she disappeared off the face of the earth. My last option was surely my last resort too. I traveled to see an old woman that lived in a broken down old cabin. She was a Witch from folklore that practiced her craft by conjuring spirits and employing a familiar spirit.

I was on my way to see if she could contact my daughter’s spirit. I just needed closer if my daughter was dead I needed to know. When I got to the broken down old cabin. I could hear weird noises like growls and gnashing of teeth coming from inside. But once I stepped to the door of the cabin everything stopped.

I knocked on the door and it creaked open on its own. Then all of the sudden this old wrinkled scraggly looking woman walked out. She had a huge wart right on the tip of her nose. She looked at me with one open the other one was squinted. The witch cackled, “What do you want?” The way she looked scared the bejeebies out of me. I stammered in answering her and I finally got it out.

Maggie Has Been Missing For Two Weeks

I explained how my 13-year-old daughter went missing from the bus stop. She had no reason to run off.  The witch immediately said, “Your daughter is dead, she was murdered by your friends because of jealousy.”



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