Head Start Traumatized Me about Dentist

Kindergarten Traumatized Me about DentistHead Start Traumatized Me about Dentist. I am sure that when I went to Head Start. I spent more time in the dentist office than I did in Head Start.

Back in the early 70’s when I was in Head Start. It seemed like every day I was in the dentist office in our small town.

I can remember the dentist as plain as day Doc Robinson. He smoked because you could smell it when he was working on you.

I am fairly certain this is why I hate dentist now. Every week I had a new cavity to be filled. The shots were the worst. And given the fact that one time I even heard a grown man screaming in pain. Trying to get him to stop pulling his tooth didn’t help matters any. We didn’t get any suckers, or stickers or anything like that either. A pat on the head telling us we were good patients is about all I remember.

Pretty sure that ole Doc Robinson smoked while he was working on us too. Its no wonder I was a smoker later on in life, Lol. It didn’t do a lot of good for me to have all those teeth worked on. I have diabetes and it ruined my teeth. And now I only have eight teeth left. With one of them needing to be pulled now, as it is very sensitive.

That is one pain I cannot stand is a toothache. Yank that tooth out was my motto. I still cringe when the dentist wants to give me a shot to numb me up. Not so long ago I had to have my teeth cleaned. They had to numb me up before they could do that. My mouth was in bad shape diabetes really went to work on it.

Head Start Traumatized Me about Dentist

You can brush your teeth and floss 15 times a day and have diabetes and still lose your teeth. Now that I have a full top plate and a bottom partial. I have a pretty smile but I absolutely hate having to wear them. It feels so unnatural and I can’t eat with them at all. I have tried eating soft stuff to get used to using them and it just doesn’t work. I will keep trying to get used to them. They cost too much money to not wear them.





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