Being Stalked by the Woman He Cheated With

Being Stalked by the Woman He Cheated WithBeing Stalked by the Woman He Cheated With. Joe married a pretty little thing from his hometown in San Antonio, Texas.

And they have a beautiful daughter, but they now live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joe was the general manager for a very profitable real estate company.

He was a hard-working, loving husband Shelly thought. But he takes off and goes “out with boys” and doesn’t tell her anything.

Little does Shelly know but her hard-working, loving and caring man cheated on her four months into their marriage. Joe cheated on Shelly with a woman named Susan. She was a dancer at one of the bars him and his buddies frequented. Shelly did know something wasn’t right because Joe had become inscrutable and she didn’t marry a man like this. USA, LLC

Joe was on top of his game in the real estate market, he was one of the top real estate agents in Nevada. LandlordMax Property Management Software The time Joe cheated on Shelly with Susan Beal was a one-time thing, and he never thought about Susan again. That is until Susan Beal showed up at his company trying to go to work. Joe even had to interview her. She acted as if she didn’t even know him which made Joe feel much better.

Being Stalked by the Woman He Cheated With

When he came in from work and they all sat down for dinner. His daughter was excited to tell her dad and show him a picture of her new Science teacher, Ms. Beal. This triggered Joe into a frenzy Shelly was trying to calm Joe down, he was shaking all over. She told her daughter to dial 9-1-1 and get help here fast.

Little did Joe know that Susan had become pregnant after their affair. And when she went to give birth her and the baby both died. Susan was part of a family that had three girls and they were identical triplets. The two sisters were bound and determined to seek revenge on Joe for sleeping with their sister. And then getting her pregnant and not being around for her. Letting her die alone giving birth to his son whom also died.


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