5 Things I wished I could Tell The Younger Me

5 Things I wished I could Tell The Younger Me5 Things I wished I could Tell The Younger Me. Have you ever thought about? If you could go back in any time period of your life. And tell your younger self something. What would it be? I have thought about this a lot over the years.

There are probably thousands of things I could tell my younger self to do or not to do. But for this post, I am only going to list 5 things. I have made lots of mistakes in my 46 years of being alive. Some of those mistakes have cost me in one way or another.

5 Things I wished I could Tell The Younger Me

1.  In the 4th grade, I begged and pleaded with my mom to allow me to play football. I didn’t have to beg dad he was all for it. My mom finally agreed to allow me to play and I ended breaking my left arm above my elbow. I was pretty big for my age and we were having a home game. The coach decided to allow me to go in the game. I would be on the kicking team for a play because my grandmother had come to watch me.

Wouldn’t you know it, I got hit by a player on the opposite team breaking my arm. The bone was sticking through the skin. Needless to say, I was in a great deal of pain. I can remember the coach for the opposite team coming out onto the field. He told me that I would probably be in a full body cast (Lol) I think that was to try and get me to laugh.

I was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital which was 18 miles away. In a rough riding 1970ish model ambulance. Plus the fact that when I got in the ER they would do nothing without my parents signature. Even with my grandmother there they would not do anything without consent.

5 Things I wished I could Tell The Younger Me

A long story short, they finally found my dad and mom. They were stripping tobacco on a different farm from than where we lived. It took them a while to locate them. Finally, dad came into the ER and signed the consent form. They set the bone and put me in a cast and sent me home. I would definitely tell my younger self to dart right instead of left. In order to keep from letting that big boy hit me.

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2.  When I was 14 years old in 1985, I met the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was a majorette in the band, and I was a football player. We had gone on a road trip with our high school team for support. On the way home, she and I sat together and made out. We ended up going to a couple of parties together. Then I found out she had a boyfriend who was a senior and wanted to kill me. Needless to say, we broke up. 30 years later we both ended up divorced and reconnected. I would absolutely tell my younger self to fight for her because it would have been worth it.

5 Things I wished I could Tell The Younger Me

3.  Up until 1985, I was a straight-A student. Then I got mixed up with the wrong crowd and did some things I am ashamed of today. I quit playing sports in high-school, I started failing classes left and right and I became involved in drugs. I most certainly would tell my younger self to steer clear of those people.

4.  In 1989 I graduated high-school, actually, it was two weeks after graduation when I graduated. Because of being mixed with the wrong crowd. I ended up having to make up some classes in order to graduate. I failed my last exam to pass the class. And I had to wait two weeks in order to take it again. Once I graduated I had already been accepted and set-up to travel to Nashville Tennessee.

I was to attend a highly credited Votec school to become a diesel mechanic. But stupid me decided I had been in school for too many years and wanted to take a year off. I can guarantee you I would slap my younger self for making this decision. And tell me to NOT take the year off. Becuase 29 years later I am still on that one year off.

5 Things I wished I could Tell The Younger Me

5.  In 2002 I was driving a tractor-trailer for a living. I hauled hazardous materials in a tanker. It was in the winter time and I was loaded with 7,000 gallons of ACETONE, a colorless, volatile, flammable liquid. I was headed to Charlotte, NC.  with this load. And as I made it into Wytheville, VA. it had begun to snow. Didn’t want to be stuck in Wythville in the snow. Because that is up on a mountain, I was only a few miles from North Carolina. I asked a few drivers via the CB radio what the Blueridge Mountain looked like heading into North Carolina.

They said it was only rain, so I continued on. I was on the phone with the now ex-wife. She suggested I stay in Wytheville until the snow stopped. Then go on to North Carolina. I wasn’t having that and I got off the phone with her and continued on. 15 minutes later I was involved in 28 vehicle pile-up with me and one other tractor-trailer being demolished.

Actually, I had gotten stopped before hitting anything the other truck didn’t. He plowed into me destroying the tank I was pulling and his truck. But thank goodness the tank didn’t start leaking. I most certainly would tell the younger me to listen to your wife idiot. Stop in Wythville until the snow stopped because, in the blink of an eye, everything will change. I now pay for that accident every day of my life with pain in my back.

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