The Day The Dead Started to Walk

The Day The Dead Started to WalkThe Day The Dead Started to Walk – It was August 25, 2031, and a day I will never forget. That morning everything seemed fine as I waited for the school bus to get to my stop.

It was a little foggy that morning. But before the bus arrived I began to hear groaning and moaning noise in the fog. I was terrified and was thinking is that an animal? But it sounded more upright like a person.

When the time came for the bus, it didn’t show up. Every day of my school life up to this point.  The same bus had come to the same spot at nearly the same time. It was never this late. Something must have happened. I turned around to go back in the house and was in shock by what I saw. There was the source of the moaning and groaning, it was a Zombie. I ran into my house and locked the door.

I said, “Dad, what is going on outside?” Dad had said,  That it was just announced on Tv that the Zombie Apocalypse has started. And that we should stay indoors. “Stay indoors until when?” , I asked. The news reports said that it would only take about three days. And the military could get rid of the Zombies.

The Day The Dead Started to Walk

So what was I going to do for three days stuck in my house with my parents? I’m not so sure that being locked up with my parents would be better than being outside with the dead. I was not going to be able to see my girlfriend and talking to her on the phone or over the computer was not the same.

Stupid Zombies, why did they have to come back and mess up my days? I was pretty rebellious and being stuck inside with grownups was not something I had on my bucket list.

Well, three days had passed and Zombies were still outside wondering around like baby’s they were clumsy always falling down. It was quite comical to watch them until I recognized one of them as a person who had died at my school. I had not thought about maybe seeing a Zombie I actually knew. That was kinda cool, now I was wondering if I could communicate with him?





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