Getting Old Sucks

Getting Old SucksGetting Old Sucks – While I was growing up I never dreamed that getting older would suck so much.

I can remember being young and wishing I were older. Now that I’m older I am wishing I were young again.

I used to play all kinds of sports football, basketball (6’2″ tall) and baseball. You could always find me hunting or fishing, not many times would you catch me at home inside. I worked on the farm for my dad. From when I was old enough to drive the tractor (age 5).

Moved out and became a married man at age 22 and things started to slow down. For one I had hardly any time to do the things I enjoyed anymore with having to get a job and support my family. Driving a tractor-trailer for 18 years will make an old man out of you real quick. When I didn’t have to work I didn’t feel like doing anything. Then I became disabled and much less agile.

My best advice for the younger generation is. Don’t grow up so fast, stay young as long as you can until you have to grow up.

Where I Grew Up is Hidden Away

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