Awesome Blogger Award

Awesome Blogger AwardI have been nominated by dronstadblog for Awesome Blogger Award.

His blog comes with a Disclaimer – Trigger warning 🙂 he writes explicit scenes of violence, sex, sadism, racism, misogyny, misandry, general intolerance, hate and other anti-semitic forms of prejudice according to his disclaimer. 🙂 If this appeals to you then check him out! NOTE: He does not support any of this mentioned

The blogs that I nominate I ask that they answer these few simple questions and also please nominate as many or as few of blogs as you want, and ask them some questions as well.

My nominations are:

  1. Piper’s Adventures
  2. Little Fears
  3. Mercury Twin
  4. Patty Richardson, lovenlosses
  5. stoner on a rollercoaster
  6. kimberlyf, This Girl’s Got Curves

The question’s that I am going to answer myself that I also want my nominees to answer are. I hope dronstadblog doesn’t mind me using his questions 🙂

1. What is the latest book you’re reading and are you enjoying it? The book that I read last was The Grave Man Sam Prichard series #1 by David Archer. Sam Prichard was a cop, and a good one, until the bullets took out the joint of his right hip. Now he’s trying to learn to live without being a cop and getting to know his neighbors, learning to walk again and even ride a motorcycle. Life is bearable, barely, but then he gets asked to find a missing child, and the lure of getting back into some kind of police work is too much for him to resist. When he teams up with computer whiz Indiana Perkins, he suddenly becomes one of the best investigators he’s ever even known.

2. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Other? Twitter, Facebook

3. What is your favorite word and why? My favorite word is “Mushmellon.”  Why? Well, it’s an Appalachian word for “Cantaloupe” the proper word is “Muskmelon” according to Google. 🙂 And many people even around here have no clue what you mean when you say it. That is until you say it is a Cantaloupe and then they remember the word Mushmelon.

4. Dogs or Cats?  A Dog of course. My dog’s name is “Mutt” his breed type is a mutt. I rescued him from the local dog pound and he rescued me from some deep dark areas of depression many times since I got him three years ago.



5. Is there any song that holds any special meaning to you?  I am not sure it has any special meaning but I like the song none the less.

Johnny Cash-Folsom Prison Blues


6. What do you feel strongly about?  I will probably lose some followers of this blog with this answer. I feel strongly about many things but these are my main three Conservative Politics, Christian Religion, 2nd Amendment Rights. You can call me a right-wing nut if you want it still doesn’t change the fact that the last eight years put the United States at the bottom, and now it is slowly rising under the new Administration. I am not going to argue politics on my blog. So don’t comment if all you want to do is talk bad about this administration – because I will delete the comments.

7. If you could grant one person in your life one wish, what would it be? This is an easy one for me my wish would be that the person is cancer free.

8. What is your favorite film? The Green Mile.


9. What is your favorite book? My New International Version Bible

10. Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? Yes, I did. It was to start the year off with a clean slate. It’s a new beginning a new mindset; a new focus; a new start; I have new intentions and plan on getting new results!

Again I want to thank dronstad for this nomination

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8 thoughts on “Awesome Blogger Award

  1. Well, I liked the answers. Each blogger is unique and original, just like their stories.

    You shouldn’t have mention my disclaimer. 😀 I mean, you should also have mentioned that I am not in support of the things you listed, because it is misleading this way. Maybe you want to edit in a note there, I’ll leave that decision to you.

    Happy blogging man. Keep up the good work.

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