Boy Howdy Times Sure Have Changed a Lot

Boy Howdy Times Sure Have Changed a LotBoy Howdy Times Sure Have Changed a Lot. I remember when I went to school. Just about every pick-up truck in the parking lot of the school had a gun hanging on the gun rack.

Nowadays you would be expelled for having it locked up in your truck on school property. Most likely expelled for the year.

One year for a history class I brought in a 50. caliber muzzleloader gun to school. Then I loaded the gun in class for a paper I wrote. I let the vice principle shoot it because that’s how you unloaded it. We walked over the hill from the school still on the property and shot it off.

I used to ride in the bed of my dad’s pick-up truck. All the while standing up and him driving 50 or 55 mph. I think some places now it is illegal to even ride in the bed of a pick-up truck. And I drove that same pick-up by myself when I was 7 or 8.  Up and down the road I grew up on to the little store on that road and never got any static for doing so.

Where I grew up we didn’t lock our vehicles up. Heck, we didn’t even have a doorknob to lock on the “front” door of my house. So, of course, it was never locked. I remember years ago that people would stop by a barn we had full of hay and steal it. They would get stuck in the mud and dad and I would go pull them out. Never once called the police to come get them.

Back then you helped out your fellow man even when they did you wrong. We had several farms that we took care of. But we still had time to go to a neighbor that was in need and help them out too.

Boy Howdy Times Sure Have Changed a Lot

Back in the day we never once thought about talking back to our parents Because we would have had the tar knocked out of us for doing so. It wasn’t our parents being mean to us it was them teaching us to have respect. Nowadays kids have no respect for their parents. If I talked to my parents the way some nowadays talk to their’s I would be cutting switches and having them worn out on me.

I can honestly say I never was whipped with a switch that I can remember. I always got the backside of mom’s hand or be made to wait for my dad to come home. Then get the belt that he wore used on me. Had I ever thrown a temper tantrum like some of these kids do today. My mother would have jerked my pants down in the store and took care of the problem right then and there. There was no such a thing as a timeout. Except they would take the timeout to beat your behind to put you back in check. I think this is what is mainly wrong with America today.

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