Papa Has a Secret Conclusion

Papa Has a Secret ConclusionPapa Has a Secret Conclusion – Since Nicky road to school in that hotrod, Nicky’s friends were envious of him. Nicky was enjoying every minute of it too. They asked him all sorts of questions about the car, his grandad and everything in between.

By the time 3:00 PM rolled around Nicky had several new friends and a girlfriend. John came rumbling in the driveway to the school. There was a crowd standing behind Nicky they were all pointing and talking amongst themselves.

Nicky turned to the crowd and said, “See you all tomorrow!” He got in the car and Papa could see that Nicky was happy, in turn making himself happy.  He asked Nicky how his day had gone. Nicky lit up like a Christmas tree. He started telling his Papa how all his friends were talking about him today. John could tell Nicky was really happy. John told Nicky that it made him happy to see him happy.

When they got home John said, “Do you like pizza Nicky?” Nicky shook his head yes and said, “I love pizza Papa. So John ordered a supreme pizza and asked for it to be delivered. John said, “Nicky I bought you something today and I hope you like what it is. John told him it was in the room he was sleeping in. Nicky ran to his room to see what his Papa had bought for him. When he entered the room he was jumping and laughing and hollering. Papa John had gone and bought him the latest Xbox – the Xbox One X. Plus two of the newest games, Call of Duty: WWII and EA Sports Madden NFL 18.

Nicky was very happy and ran to hug his Papa and thanked him so much. Nicky said, “I was going to ask for this for Christmas. Actually, John had called David Nicky’s dad and asked him first.  He said it was ok to buy this gaming console and the games to go along with it.

Papa Has a Secret Conclusion

David and Jenny called and said they were heading back. Jenny’s mother was doing much better and was home now. Papa John knew this meant that he and Nicky wouldn’t be together much. John asked Nicky if he would like to come and stay with him on the weekends? Also when school was out he could stay during the week? Nicky said, Yes, Papa I would love that very much. I am glad you’re not mean and grumpy anymore Papa, I love you. This brought a tear to Papa’s eyes and he said, “I love you too, Nicky.”

Papa’s secret was out, he wasn’t a grumpy old man and that he truly loved his grandson! Having his grandson in his life seems a viable option.

Part 1

Part 2

3 thoughts on “Papa Has a Secret Conclusion

  1. This is a great story, Paul. Thanks for your creativity. There is one respectful thought I have to give: when I read part one I thought it was brilliant as it stood. The open ending of this had me going off on my own thought journey. Of course, it made me want to read the second and third parts. But that could have been an ending in itself. Sometimes less is more? I offer this in the spirit of constructive feedback. All power to you, brother. Keep ’em coming.

    1. Thank you weatypete for your constructive feedback I do appreciate it. I get carried away writing sometimes and you are right that story could have ended with the first part and probably should have. Keep on giving me any feedback you want to give me, I appreciate the good and the bad!

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