Papa Has a Secret Part 2

Papa Has a Secret Part 2Papa Has a Secret Part 2 – So Nicky and Papa John jumped into the Road-Runner. John fired up the engine and it roared to life. Nicky was smiling from ear to ear as Papa revved the engine.

As Papa pulled out of the driveway he peeled rubber and Nicky was laughing and smiling. Papaw was laughing and smiling too, something he hadn’t done for a good while.

As they arrived at the restaurant he and Nicky exited the car and walked inside. The woman behind the cash register said, “Well John, who do we have here?” John said, “This is my grandson, Nicky he is staying with me for a few days. She said, “Nicky I am Stella, nice to meet you.” Nicky said, “Hi.”

Papa said with a wink, “I will treat you this time, but next time it is your treat. I recommend the cheeseburger and fries they’re the best in town. Nicky said, “Ok, that’s what I want then, and a coke. So John placed the orders for both of them. There was a video game over in the corner. John noticed Nicky eyeballing it so Papa handed Nicky some quarters and told him to go check it out. Papa walked over there with Nicky. As he stood behind the boy. He watched him play the game and he thought how much he was enjoying having Nicky around.

Papa Has a Secret Part 2

Papa John’s secret was almost out and he was almost ashamed that he had acted like a grumpy old man to Nicky in the past. So he figured he would start acting like a Papa and start spoiling his only grandchild. As they sat back down in their booth Papa asked Nicky what he liked to do to have fun. Nicky said, “Well, I like to ride bicycles and play basketball and baseball.” John asked Nicky if he was any good at basketball and baseball? He said, “Yea, I am a pretty good player.”

Nicky asked Papa what he liked to do for fun? Papa said, “Spending time with you was fun enough for him.” That made Nicky smile he was glad that his Papa was not scary and mean anymore. That night Nicky told his Papa that he loved and hugged him and went to bed. John was taken back a bit by the actions of Nicky. He had never hugged his grandson before, it made him feel good to know how that felt.

The phone rang and it was David checking in and it seems that Jenny’s mom was in worse condition than they thought. David asked his dad if he could keep Nicky for a while and John said, “Of course I’ll keep him, don’t worry about Nicky.” David thanked his dad and said, “Goodbye dad and again thank you for doing this for us.”

The next morning John got Nicky up and told him to get ready for school. John told him that he was going to drive him to school. Nicky asked if they could go in the Road-Runner and John just smiled and shook his head yes.

As they pulled into the school driveway Nicky was smiling. He was smiling because all of his friends were outside. They were all watching and their mouths were wide open and drooling over the car. John told Nicky he loved him and they hugged and he told Nicky he would pick him up at 3:00 PM and they said goodbye to each other.

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