Papa Has a Secret

Papaw Has a Secret
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Papa Has a Secret – Papaw John lived alone Mama died a couple of years back. He was all alone in a nice big house that he had built years ago. The old house was huge and kinda creepy.

But he loved it and said he didn’t want to be anywhere else. It was a Victorian style house that had two floors. There was a balcony up in the attic that you could walk out on.

He usually sat up there in the summertime of the nights and watched the fireflies while drinking sweet tea.

Papaw had a lot of money too. He was retired and had saved up a lot of money that he lived on while drawing his pension. Papa John had a pick-up truck and a couple of other cars. He also had a couple of restored Plymouth Road-Runners, he like his Dodge vehicles. The Road-Runners both had 440 Six Barrel engines and were fully rebuilt to original shape.

40 years Papaw and Mama were married and then cancer took Mama from him/us. They had two sons but one had been killed in a car accident. His other son was married and had a little boy. He was named Nicholas and was 8 years old, but they called him Nicky. The little boy was kind of afraid of his Papaw. It was because Papaw was grumpy and like to gripe a lot. But it was because he had lost his wife and one of his boys and was all alone.

David was Papaw John’s son.  David was married to Jenny and her mother had a heart attack they think. So Jenny wanted to go be with her. David needed to drive her and they didn’t want to take Nicky. So they asked Papaw John if Nicky could stay with him for a few days? Papaw said, “Of course the boy can stay here as long as he doesn’t bother me too much.”

So David and his wife hurried up and drove to Papa John’s house. They dropped Nicky off and headed to be with her mother. It was 8:00 PM. on a Friday night so Nicky didn’t have school the next day. Papaw allowed him to stay up a little later.

Papa Has a Secret

At about 10:00 PM. Papa John says, “Nicky, I think we had better go to bed. We have a big day tomorrow and I think you’re going to enjoy it!” Nicky said, “Ok Papaw, I’m headed to bed then but first I have to brush my teeth.” They were both back up fairly early the next morning. Papaw already had breakfast started when Nicky got up.

Papaw said, “I hope you’re hungry Nicky,” he said, “I’m starved. What are we having?” Papaw said, “Scrambled eggs and bacon and toast.” So they sat down at the kitchen table and ate their breakfast. Nicky was seeing a side of his Papaw he’s never seen before. A nice side and Nicky was really liking this side of Papaw.

Nicky didn’t ask Papaw about him being nice,  he just wanted to enjoy it. Papaw told Nicky to go get ready to leave that they had some thing’s they needed to do today. So they headed out the door and Nicky said, “Where are we going today, Papaw?” And then he saw it. Papaw had the trailer hooked up to the pick-up and the brand new Razor he had just bought loaded on it.

Papa Has a Secret

“You ready to have some fun, Nicky?” , said Papaw. “You betcha I am”, Nicky said. And the two of them got in the truck and headed to one of Papa John’s farms he owned for a very fun-filled day! They got out to the farm and unloaded the Razor and Papaw made sure Nicky was strapped in and a had his helmet on and they took off. Nicky was having a barrel of fun as was Papaw John.

Papaw John got his cell phone out and called in a reservation to one of his favorite places to eat for him and Nicky. When they got home from playing on the farm they both got showers and Papaw John said, “You ready to go get something to eat Nicky?” He said, “Yea I am. Papaw you sure seem different.” Papaw said, “What do you mean different?” Nicky said, “You’re not as mean acting and grumpy.” Papaw John just laughed and said, “Come on Nicky let’s go take the Road-Runner out for a spin and get to the restaurant.”




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