Thoughts From a Christmas Tree

Thoughts From a Christmas TreeHere I am standing all bound tight in some kind of a net next to a bunch of my friends waiting for someone to come by and pick us to bring home with them.

It sure is cold out here tonight, I hope a family comes along soon and picks me soon.

I’m one of the most popular types of Christmas Trees for a good reason, I am a Douglas Fir.

I’m big and full and elegant and I smell better than the rest of my friends, I think but please don’t tell them that.

Oh goody, here comes a family now. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! I screamed but alas no one could hear me. They walked right past me and picked the white pine over there in the corner, he doesn’t smell good or bad and he’s not very strong for lifting heavy ornaments and holding them for so long. Maybe that family didn’t have enough room for me because I need a lot of space as I am big and majestic like a mountain. Well not exactly like a mountain but you get my point.

Oh boy here comes another family please, please, PLEASE, pick me! Oh, they’re getting closer, closer, closer awww finally they’re looking me over. The guy selling me is telling them how beautiful I am. That’s right I’m the most beautiful tree here in this lot. Yes! they have decided to buy me, the best tree here, I think anyway. I stick my tongue out at the rest of the poor saps still waiting to be picked, as I hold my head high, as my owners pack me to their truck.

They hauled me to my new home way out in the country, as we turned into a driveway, it almost looks like where I born on a farm. This was a different kind of farm, I could tell because oh man, what is that smell? Oh wow, that doesn’t smell like any farm I have ever been on, but the sign said farm when we turned in, but lord they need to get better trees, this stinks.

They get me out of the truck and set me upright again, I am glad too because I was getting lightheaded from either the smell of this farm or the sap was rushing to my head, I was betting on that smell. I hoped the inside of their house smelled better. Well, it would smell better as soon as they got me inside. As they brought me inside and stood me up in the tree stand, the man that paid for me took out a knife and cut the net that was holding me tight and all my arms sprang free. It was good to get to stretch out my arms again. That’s right look at me, look how beautiful I am, as the family marveled at how big I was.

It was late and they turned out the lights as they headed to bed and I drifted off to sleep, but I was awoken by something climbing on me. As I looked around I saw a cat climbing up my arms and he got close to my head and stretched out in my arms, I could hear him purring as he was content. The next morning the family got up and the first thing they did was give me a much-needed drink of water. Then they started bringing out boxes of ornaments and lights and tinsel. They were finally going to cover up my nakedness and make me even more beautiful, not that I needed much, as I was already beautiful.

They had to chase my new found friend out of my arms before they could decorate me. When they got me decorated and then they turned on the lights, and boy howdy look at me, look how more beautiful I am. Now that it was daylight I could see much clearer we weren’t in a home, well not exactly someones home. It seemed like it was a home for old people. I was a communal Christmas tree, bringing smiles to all these people made me feel good. We weren’t on a farm but we must have been beside one because of that smell, let me tell you, it was bad.

Today was Christmas eve and after the old people all went to bed, the man and the woman started stacking gifts under me and they had a lot of gifts. They finally got done and turned the lights out but left my lights on. They got themselves some eggnog and sat down on the couch and just stared at me. I almost let out a sappy tear thinking of all the joy I was going to be bringing in the morning on Christmas Day. This was what I grew up to be this was my calling to be a big beautiful Christmas Tree.

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