Santa in a Bad Mood before Christmas

Santa in a Bad Mood before ChristmasSanta was very grumpy this year leading up to his world tour on December 25.

Mrs. Clause asked her husband why he was so grumpy? Santa said, “It’s because I do this every year and every year more people don’t appreciate it or stop believing in me altogether.”

Mrs. Clause said, “Well, you better get out of that bad mood because you have to go deliver all those gifts. Millions of little girls and boys are depending on you to bring them what they asked for.”

He stomped off mumbling something she could make out. Santa was torn between giving up on Christmas or getting himself back in gear and do his job. Santa went into his office and slammed the door shut, the elves jumped. They had seen him upset before but not like this. They were generally concerned that he may quit before the 25th.

He sat down in his office chair and stared out looking over all the elves and the workshop. He had a lot to think about. About that time someone knocked on his door and said in a rough voice, “Go Away!” And they just continued to knock, so Santa got up and stomped to the door and flung it open and said, “WHAT!?!?” It was Trudy his most trusted elf and she had brought him a nice hot cup of cocoa and a freshly made cookie. Trudy said, “Mrs. Clause said you might want some of my special hot cocoa, and I just threw the cookie in for good measure.”

Santa said, “Trudy, you always could make me smile especially with a cup of your finest hot cocoa.” Trudy said, “Well, Santa that is what I do and have done so for 100’s of years.” She asked him what was wrong? And he told her what he had told Mrs. Clause. He said, “I do this every year and every year more people don’t appreciate it or stop believing in me altogether. I am almost ready to quit this job.”

Trudy said, “Oh Santa, you can’t quit. Just think of all the little boys and girls that would be disappointed and what about the Elves? They would not have anything to do. It would just kill them if they didn’t have to come into this workshop and do their jobs? Plus, the reindeer think about them they would put in a zoo caged up for the rest of their lives. Santa, please reconsider and continue on doing what you have done for many many years, that is to put smiles on little boys and girls all over the world.”

So Santa decided to talk to Mrs. Clause and have her to help him decide what to do. In the meantime, Trudy took it upon herself to send millions of letters out to boys and girls all over the world and asked them to make Santa feel better and write him a letter thanking him for what he does every year.

Mrs. Clause knew what Trudy had done and she was stalling Santa until the letters would start coming in. Within a few hours, thousands of letters began to pour into the North Pole. The mail system is quite different for Santa than our normal United States Postal Service. Santa started reading the letters and he started crying tears of joy. He was appreciated much more than he would ever truly know.

He came out of his office and there was his wife, Mrs. Clause and Trudy. They were standing there with big smiles on their faces. They said they could see the twinkle in his eye and his rosy red cheeks again. They knew everything was going to be alright. Santa went out on his deliveries on the 25th and left something extra special with the gifts each little boy and girl had asked for.

He left a nice thank you note with each one of them personalized and signed by Santa. Things were back to normal, all was right with the world again.

Thanks to a hard-working elf named Trudy and the millions of letters from boys and girls across the world thanking Santa for what he does every year.

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