The Christmas Miracle

The Christmas Miracle Lucy was just 10 years old and she is the strongest little girl ever. She is fighting for her life in St. Mary’s cancer center for children.

The chemo is so bad for her she is sick all the time. In the short 10 years she has been on this earth she has only been outside maybe three times.

The rest of the time is either in bed or sitting up looking out the window wishing she was outside.

It was Christmas eve and the nurses and other staff thought it would be nice to get the children to write a letter to Santa this year if they felt like doing so. Lucy said that she wanted to write the letter and that her mom would help her. So Lucy started writing the letter, that all she wanted for Christmas was to be free from cancer.

Dear Santa,

My name is Lucy, and I am 10 years old. I have cancer and all I want for Christmas is to be cancer free. I know this is hard on me and my family and I have been dealing with this for my entire life. I know I don’t have much battle left in me, so if there is anyway you could ask God to help you out on this Christmas wish, that would be greatly appreciated.

Love and Hugs


The nurse that collected the letters looked at them when she got back to her desk. Most were wishes for toys. But then she saw Lucy’s and it made her well up inside for this young child. A brand new doctor that had just started at St. Mary’s cancer center. He asked her what was wrong and she just showed him the letter. The new doctor asked who her attending physician was. The nurse said it was Dr. Keller but she told the new doctor (Dr. Matt) that Dr. Keller said there was nothing more they could do for Lucy.

Dr. Matt went and found Dr. Keller and asked if he could take over the care for Lucy. Dr. Keller said there was nothing more they could do and Dr. Matt said, “Then there shouldn’t be a problem with you allowing me to examine her.” So Dr. Keller agreed to allow Dr. Matt to be Lucy’s new attending physician. So he left Dr. Keller’s office and headed to the nurse’s station and asked for Lucy’s chart. He changed the attending Dr. to himself. He went into Lucy’s room to have a talk with her.

He introduced himself as Dr. Matt and that he was going to be her new attending physician. He was a lot younger than Dr. Keller and better looking Lucy thought. Spite Lucy being stricken with this terrible disease she was a lot more mature than any 10-year old was. So Dr. Matt asked her how she was feeling this morning and Lucy said, “I am sick and don’t feel like getting out of bed today.” So Dr. Matt just made sure she comfortable and then said he would check back in on her in a couple of hours.

So Dr. Matt asked if there was a Santa coming to see the children? And the nurses said yea one of us will dress as Santa and go around to all the girls and boys. Dr. Matt asked if he could be Santa and they said, “Sure, that would be great.” So Matt said, “Show me where the suit is and where to change.” He got the Santa suit on and even placed a pillow in the belly area to make him appear more like Santa.

The first room he was going to was Lucy’s and he asked the nurses not to come in the room until he was ready for them. He came in with the Ho Ho Ho and Lucy’s eyes lit up as did her mother’s. He told Lucy that he had read her letter and wanted to come see her first. He asked her Mom if she cared to step outside for a few minutes so he and Lucy could chat. So her mom went out and stood with the nurses and Santa closed the door. Dr. Matt went back over to Lucy and asked her if it was ok if he prayed over her and she said, ” Yes it’s ok.”

Heavenly Father,
I want to give thanks to you, the creator of life. You have taught me that faith as small as a mustard seed can can move mountains. 
Matthew 17:20 ~He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Today I give you my little seed of faith.  Today I ask by faith that you would bring healing for Lucy from this cancer. I place my trust in you. May this seed sow healing into every area where the tumour has emerged. May it grow into a strong work, redeeming and restoring with great strength and power. This I ask you in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Dr. Matt (Santa) asked Lucy if she believed in miraculous things and Lucy asked, “What does miraculously mean?” It means “having or seeming to have the power to work miracles” Lucy. She said, “Then I believe in miraculous things.” Santa said, “God works in mysterious ways Lucy and he asked me to come see you and to pray over you, I am pretty certain a miracle is going to happen.” It was almost Christmas and it began snowing outside and Christmas morning Lucy was up early and got out of bed and started running around the room laughing and playing. Her mother couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

She called for a nurse and the nurse came in and was amazed at what Lucy was doing. She said she was going to get Dr. Keller. And Lucy said, “Wait, why are you getting him when Dr. Matt is my new attending physician?” The nurse said, “What are you talking about? Dr. Keller is your doctor and we don’t have a Dr. Matt even working here.” Lucy told the nurse that he was here yesterday and then he came in here last in the Santa suit and asked to pray over me. The nurse told Lucy that she had been on duty all night long and nobody was here in a Santa suit.

So I wonder who Dr. Matt is?



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