Johnny’s Christmas Wish

Johnny’s Christmas Wish  Little Johnny was nine years old and was an orphaned child. His parents had both been tragically killed when he was just two years old.

Miraculously, he survived the accident with just minor injuries.

It was getting close to Christmas time and for the children in the orphanage to write their annual Christmas letters to Santa.

Johnny’s letter had been the same ever since he was able to write. There was only one thing that he wished for, and that was to be adopted. Every year the very same thing happened he wouldn’t get adopted but he continued to pray and wish for it to happen.

Dear Santa, It is that time of year again. I want to make sure that you understand what it is I am asking for. I don’t want toys, or clothes, money, or animals. I want to be adopted that is all. I have especially been good this year and I hope that you will have a talk with God and ask his help to make this happen for me.

 Sincerely your friend, Johnny

  Johnny took his letter up to Sister Martha and she asked Johnny, “Did you get ask for everything you wanted, Johnny?” He said, “Yes, Sister Martha and I think I will get it this year for sure!” She smiled at him and said, “I hope so too, Johnny.”

She looked at his letter and immediately tears began to fill her eyes and she excused herself from the room. See she was new to the orphanage and had not realized that this was Johnny’s only wish every year since he could write.

But she knew exactly what she could do to help this to become Johnny’s best Christmas ever. Her sister (real family sister) wanted to adopt a little boy and had asked Martha to look about some kids in the orphanage. This would be perfect, she could kill two birds with one stone.

She called her sister and told her she thought she had found the perfect boy for her and that he was nine years old and just as sweet as an angel. So her sister came up to the orphanage and looked over his file and agreed he would be the perfect little boy. Sister Martha arranged that the adoption be processed and finished on Christmas morning.

Everything was set and on Christmas Eve she made sure to tell Johnny to pray for his wish to come true. And pray he did. Christmas morning she came and got Johnny and took him into a room and Santa came in and asked if he was Johnny and he said,

“Yes, I am Johnny.” Santa said, “Johnny I got your letter and I asked God to help me with this one this year. And we were able to do this for you.” Johnny said, “What?!?! Am I going to be adopted?” Santa said, “Yes Johnny I think you will like who is here to adopt you very much.”

Johnny met up with Sister Martha’s real sister and he fell in love with her and her husband right off the bat. The adoption had already been approved by a judge and signed but they made sure it didn’t go into effect until Christmas Day. Johnny had gotten his wish finally, he got a family.

When they got Johnny home it looked exactly as he had dreamed. It had An old stone wall that compasses their property. Big beautiful trees and a huge yard, it already had a swing set and a tire swing that had a rope way up in this big oak tree. That night little Johnny got on his knees and prayed;

Dear God, thank you so much for working with Santa to make my one and only wish come true. I am so thankful that you helped Santa out this year and gave me the family that I always wanted. Please if you would, tell mom and dad that I love and miss them and will see them again one day. And I hope they are not upset that I have a new mom and dad. I love you, Amen


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  1. Omg!! This is such a beautiful and heartwarming story. When I started reading it, it welled up my eyes reading about Jonny letter and I feared that the story would have a sad ending, but I’m so happy to read the end.Don’t know whether it a fact or fiction, but I’m really happy that the kid got what he deserved in the end.

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