What every Mother Wants for Christmas Conclusion

What every Mother Wants for Christmas ConclusionMy sister Nancy finally arrived and I hurried and got into the car and we sped off to her house.

I wouldn’t see mom and dad until the next day on Christmas. I told Nancy I needed to grab some gifts maybe you could take me to a Mall.

She said, “Okay, but don’t buy me anything.” I laughed and said, “Well, now you know, I gotta buy you something just for saying that.”

So we got to the Mall and I made some quick purchases and had them all wrapped. I found Nancy and we headed to the car and then home. She was going to make dinner for me, a real home-cooked meal. I hadn’t had a good meal in a few years. I told her that anything would be better than what I been eating for the last few years.

She asked me how things were going in Afghanistan, I told her that it was tough but we were actually doing some good. But please don’t ask me any specifics. I have done a lot of bad things and seen some really bad things that I didn’t ever want to talk about.

Nancy said, “Okay, well let’s eat then because dinner is served.” Oh, my goodness is all I could say, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, mac and cheese, green beans, and dinner rolls. Colonel Sanders ain’t the only person who can fry chicken she said! I laughed so hard, I was really enjoying being with my family again.

My cell phone started ringing and I wondered who that could be. I answered it and it was the airline, they have recovered my luggage and wanted to know where to bring it. I gave them Nancy’s address and they said, “It would be there in a couple of hours if that was okay?” I told them yes it was fine.

Christmas day finally arrived and mom and dad still didn’t know that I was here. Somehow Nancy had convinced them to not watch the news until the afternoon of Christmas day. Nancy wasn’t married and I didn’t ask if she had a boyfriend or not, I didn’t see how she could as busy as she is. She was in college studying to be a Physician’s Assistant, and eventually a Dr.

The plan was for her to drop me off a block from mom and dads and she was going on in to get them ready for their surprise. As I walked up the block towards mom and dads I could remember playing outside and riding bikes with my friends up and down the same sidewalk I was on.

Nancy told mom and dad that she had a big surprise for them. And that it would be here in just a few minutes. Mom and dad, of course, thought she had a boyfriend and was going to show him off to them, Nancy just smiled at them.

I climbed onto the porch and silently opened the screen door and gave a knock on the door. Nancy’s eyes lit up and she said, “It’s here!” She said to mom, “why don’t you answer the door?” So mom came to the door and opened expecting to see some guy that was Nancy’s boyfriend.

I said, “surprise! Hi mom, I love you and have missed you all so much!” Mom just started screaming and crying and of course, dad came to the door to see what all the commotion was about. He grabbed me and said, “Welcome home son!” Mom said she had finally gotten the Christmas present she had always asked for since I had left to go to the army.

P.S. I hope each and every one of you that read this post enjoyed it. And I want to wish a very Merry Christmas to each of you!

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