What every Mother Wants for Christmas Part 2

What every Mother Wants for Christmas Part 2As the plane touched down into the snow, with all kinds of warnings and alarms were sounding.

The pilots had done what they could do and the left wing had torn off taking part of the left side of the fuselage with it, as well as some occupied seats.

When it ripped off fuel poured out onto the engines and it exploded but the fire only blackened the side of the plane and not burned it.

As soon as the plane stopped I jumped up out of my seat. I was trained as a combat medic before moving on to more classified operations.

I asked the stewardess if they had any first aid supplies. She asked if I were a Dr. I explained I was a combat medic and she pointed me to the first aid cabinet. She was checking on the pilots and the rest of the crew. I made quick assessments and treated the worst hurt first.

We were lucky that we all didn’t die. There was only one seriously injured person and that consisted of a broken back from not being properly restrained.

I looked at my cell phone and there was no service, I hoped the pilots had a satellite phone. Thankfully the people on this flight knew where the plane was going and packed accordingly because it was going to get cold, fast.

I asked one of the stewardesses if the pilots had a satellite phone and updated her on the injuries and the dead, so the pilot could tell the rescuers.

I also asked if the pilots knew the exact location that we were in? I told the stewardesses that we needed every blanket they could find that we needed to cover the hole that was left when the wing was torn off. The stewardess that was checking on the pilots said that the captain would like a word with me, so I went into the cockpit.

He thanked me for helping out and I asked what do you need me to do. My survival training had kicked in and I took a couple of the men with me and we went and gathered up wood for a fire.

The plane had a lot of water and other non-alcoholic drinks on board so we wouldn’t have to worry about water. So warmth was the next priority the plane had a lot of blankets so we got the hole covered up good.

There was enough of the plane missing that I cleared the snow out and built a fire that was right almost in the center of the plane. The fuel that was left from the wing being ripped off had evaporated.

It was late in the evening now and the temperature would drop pretty quick, luckily there wasn’t much of a wind. The captain showed me exactly where we were on the map and using the legend I found the airport was 25 miles south of our position.

Rescuers were en route there was a couple of helicopters on the way. We got lucky and only lost 10 people when the wing snapped off, it could have been a lot worse. So now all we needed to do is just keep gathering wood to keep the fire going and wait.

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