The Racial Murder in FiftySix Texas in 1952 Conclusion

The Racial Murder in FiftySix Texas in 1952 ConclusionSheriff Ware went into the office and the autopsy report of Mary was on his desk. He opened and he read the report.

Mary died of asphyxiation there was a shoe print on her throat. Someone stood on Mary’s throat until she died.

The estimated shoe size looked like a young child’s shoe. Sheriff Ware closed the file, he knew who had killed Mary now.

He called home to tell his wife not to leave that he would be right home. When he got home he told Kelly to go to her room because he needed to talk to her mommy.

She went upstairs to her room and closed the door. Charles told his wife about the autopsy report, and that a small child’s shoe print was on Mary’s throat. He said, “I think Kelly killed Mary.”

He had to go talk to Kelly, his wife was shaken up by the news. He opened Kelly’s bedroom door and she was sitting on her bed. Sheriff Ware asked Kelly, “Did you stand on Mary’s throat?” She said, “Yes.” Charles said, “Why did you do that Kelly, she was your best friend?”

Kelly said, “She asked me to do it. I told her I didn’t want to but she begged me. She said that if I didn’t do it she was going to shoot herself with her dads gun.”

The sheriff asked, “Why did Mary want you to kill her?” Kelly said, “Because her daddy was doing bad things to her and she didn’t to go through it anymore.” “So her dad was abusing Mary?”, asked Charles, “Did she say what he was doing?”

Kelly said, “Yes, it was the same thing he did to me when I went to her house to play.” “What!?!”, screamed the sheriff.  The sheriff used the radio in his patrol car to call his deputies to come to his house. He filled them in on what Kelly had told him.

One of the deputies suggested that they call the state police in on this one and let them handle it. The sheriff said, “Or we could do small-town justice.

We just go get Mary’s dad and take him out into the woods and make him confess then kill him.” The sheriff said, “What’s it going to be?”

The deputies both agreed that they would go with the sheriff’s plan. He told them they could never speak of this after we finish it.

They headed to that bar where the matchbook came from, and sure enough, Mary’s father was inside. Sheriff Ware went inside to talk to him. He asked the sheriff, “Did you find out who killed my girl?” The sheriff said, “Yes, we did, you wanted me to come get you when we got the killer so here I am let’s go.”

They went to the patrol car and Mary’s father got in and the sheriff headed back to where his deputies were. Sheriff Ware told Mary’s father that they were going to do some small town justice and he agreed.

When they got to where the deputies were in the woods. As they were getting close to them Sheriff Ware pulled out his nightstick and struck Mary’s father in the leg bringing him down to the ground.

Then got on him and wrapped his arms around his back and handcuffed him. They got him up and the sheriff said, “Why were you abusing Mary? She was your daughter!” He said, “I have this problem and I can’t help it. I like little girls.”

The sheriff took his billy club and said, “Well, you should have picked on another little girl beside Mary and MY DAUGHTER!” And with that, the sheriff started hitting him in the head, the face, his arms, legs and finally the ribs.

He didn’t kill him but he was severely injured. “Tell us what you did,”,  the sheriff. Mary’s father began to tell them what he did and then he was begging for his life.

The sheriff said, “Too late for that! we are going to serve some small town justice and bury in that hole behind you.”

The sheriff pulled his gun out and said, “You have been arrested, You have been tried, and now you have been sentenced to die!”

And with that, the sheriff shot him in the head and they put him in the makeshift grave and filled the dirt over it and covered it with leaves.

“We are not to speak of this ever again, understood”, the sheriff said. The deputies said they weren’t telling anyone. The sheriff drove back home and he sat Kelly down and he said, “Kelly, what you did was wrong, you understand right?”

She said, “I know daddy, but Mary begged me and I didn’t want her to go home and shoot herself. I wanted her to be with someone that loved her when she died.”

The sheriff didn’t know what to say except that she didn’t have to be scared of that man ever again, he is gone. And he said we will never speak of this again.

Mary’s funeral was the next day and they had her in the most beautiful dress she looked quite elegant laying there so peaceful and beautiful.

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