The Racial Murder in FiftySix Texas in 1952 Part 2

The Racial Murder in FiftySix Texas in 1952 Part 2Mary’s mother and father both cried out upon hearing that she had been not only murdered but just dumped like a piece of trash along a highway.

The father asked if the sheriff suspected anyone? The sheriff said, “no not yet it was too early to suspect anyone.”

Mary’s father said, “Sheriff you make sure you catch ’em and then you come get me.” The sheriff gave his condolences and excused himself and headed home.

As he drove home he was thinking of a way he could tell his daughter, Mary’s best friend, the news of her death. He knew it was going to be hard. So he decided to call the preacher of the church that he and his family attended and ask him to help.

When he got home he got on the telephone and got ahold of the preacher. And he asked if he could stop by and the reason why, and the preacher said that he would.

The preacher came by and the sheriff let him in and got him a cup of coffee. The preacher went in and sat down on the faded couch and the sheriff set the coffee cup down on the worn end table beside where the preacher was sitting.

The sheriff said, “No need for a coaster the finish was worn off the table.” The sheriff called down his wife and daughter to the living room and asked them to sit down. “What is it, Charles?” asked his wife.

He said, “Something bad has happened. Something really bad.” She said, “What happened?” He said, “I have asked the preacher to come over to help console you both because of what happened.”

He continued on, “I don’t know how to say this, so I’m just going to come right out and say it. Mary is dead.” His wife immediately started crying. And Charles wrapped her up in his arms.

Strangely enough, his daughter, Kelly didn’t show any emotion whatsoever. He asked her if she was alright and she just smiled and said, “Yes daddy, may I go play now?”

He was taken back by her reaction but allowed her to go play. He thought what is wrong with her? Why is she acting like nothing happened?

He told the preacher and his wife that he thought she would be heartbroken. The degree to which she is acting as if nothing happened is disturbing.

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