Murder of Steve Doublesteve in Kentucky Part 4 the Conclusion

Murder of Steve Doublesteve in Kentucky Part 4 the ConclusionMurder of Steve Doublesteve in Kentucky Part 4 the Conclusion – The autopsy results were in and the size of the knife wounds were a lot bigger than the knife found in the couch.

So how did Kathie’s DNA get all over the apartment? Not just in the bedroom but over the entire apartment.

The Dr that did the autopsy also noted that Steve had some skin under a fingernail that the DNA matched Kathie also. But she didn’t have any scratch marks.

An anonymous tip came into the station and they said that Kathie Combs has an identical twin named Katie Combs. Well, this would now explain how “Kathie’s” DNA was found at the crime scene.

They come from the same fertilized egg and share the same genetic blueprint. To a standard DNA test, they are indistinguishable. So now the detectives will need to track down Katie Combs.

It turns out that this second half of these identical twins is a bad one, a hard egg, rotten apple, etc. She was arrested last week for robbery with use of a firearm. So the detectives called up where Katie was being held in custody and made a request to come see her.

They went to the jail and the first thing they noticed was the huge scratch on her face. They asked how she got the scratch and her reply was about what they had expected it to be “I forgot” she said.

Katie said, “what do you want from me?” The detective said, “Do you know Steve Doublesteve?” Katie replied, “No I don’t know a Steve Doublesteve.” The detective could tell by her body language that she was probably telling the truth.  Then it had to be Kathie that killed Steve.

They told Katie that her DNA was all over Steve’s apartment and she immediately said, “Kathie did it then, my identical twin, she must be back off of her medicines.” “What meds?”, asked the detectives.

Katie said, “So she didn’t tell you that she was Bipolar and taking well “supposed to be” taking meds for the Bipolar? She was a really mean person while we were growing up.” Katie even gave the name of the doctor that was treating Kathie.

So they headed back and stopped by the doctor’s office to see if he would say anything about Kathie. He did tell the detectives that Kathie had been being treated for Bipolar and had fits of rage. That he gave her a pill to control it. But if she was off the pill then yes she could be capable of murder.

They went and took Kathie back into custody They told her that they had enough evidence to get her convicted on Steve Doublesteve’s murder. But they wanted to hear the story of why she killed him. Kathie began telling them why it happened.

She said, “it was about the one night stand. So I Murdered Steve Doublesteve in Kentucky!” She also admitted to not taking her medicine. Kathie was booked on murder and she was convicted and sentenced to 50 years in prison.

Case closed!


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