Murder of Steve Doublesteve in Kentucky Part 3

Murder of Steve Doublesteve in Kentucky Part 3Murder of Steve Doublesteve in Kentucky Part 3 – The detectives asked if she would be willing to give a DNA sample?

She agreed and they did a buccal swab, which means the inside of your mouth is wiped with a swab similar to a cotton swab, to collect cells and saliva.

Then they released her but told her not to leave town. Six weeks had gone by and the detectives finally got the DNA results back and it was a positive match.

Kathie Combs DNA was all over the apartment.

So the detectives made a trip back to visit Kathie and took her into custody. She claimed that she was innocent! So when they booked her into the county jail on the murder they allowed her to make one phone call. She called her mom and told her what happened.

Her mom assured her they would get her the best lawyer they could. A few days went pass and Kathie’s mother did get her a lawyer and he came to the jail to meet with her. He told her to tell him what went on that night, and to be truthful with him.

She told her lawyer that she was saintly. But her and Steve had a one night stand in which she told him she didn’t want that after they had already had sex. But that he only acted like he wanted a one night stand and she was furious. She went back to the bar and fed him a bunch of BS to get him to take her back to his apartment.

He took it hook line and sinker. She admitted that when they got back to the apartment they had started hugging and kissing and Steve got up to go to the restroom. Kathie told her lawyer I got up went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, I was going to rip his couch and chair up with it. But he almost caught me and I hid the knife in the couch and I made like I was sick and went home.

So the lawyer asked the detectives if they had found the murder weapon and they said not yet. He asked if he could go and see the apartment and they said yea it was clear. That meant they had already collected all they wanted as far as evidence was concerned.

So he went to the crime scene and the owner let him in and told him to lock the door when he was finished. The lawyer immediately went to the couch and sure enough, there was the kitchen knife. He called the detective and asked if they would come to the apartment.

When the detective got to the apartment the lawyer told him about his conversation with Kathie. He said she told him that she had come here to get back at him over the one night stand.

She said she had come here with Steve and they were on the couch hugging and kissing when Steve said he needed to go to the restroom. Kathie told the lawyer that she ran to the kitchen to get a knife because she was going to rip his couch and chair up with the knife.

But he almost caught her with the knife and she hid it in the couch. He told the detective to look in the couch and see if the knife was there. So the detective searched the couch and found it.

The problem with this knife and the stab wounds on Steve’s body is that this knife is way to small. This meant that Kathie had not killed Steve. But how did her DNA get all over the apartment?

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