Murder of Steve Doublesteve in Kentucky Part 2

Murder of Steve Doublesteve in Kentucky Part 2Murder of Steve Doublesteve in Kentucky Part 2 – But who would want to kill a nice young man like Steve, thought John the bar owner?

He was noticeably shaken by the loss of this young man. The detectives wrapped up at the scene of this brutal murder.

They headed back to the station to begin deciphering the clues they had attained from Steve’s apartment.

As they left the apartment complex building, there were a bunch of reporters waiting on them. All they said was that it was an ongoing investigation and that they would not comment on it, yet.

The detectives first started off by asking patrons of the bar for any information they could provide. They couldn’t give much information as they didn’t have any.

But one thing that did come up between a few of them was that Steve left with a blonde headed woman. They said she had been to the bar a few times but they didn’t know her name or where she was from.

John was crushed by losing a very good employee but most of all a friend. He was left with the burdensome task of notifying Steve’s parents. He asked the cops if he could tell the parents and they agreed to allow him to do so.

So he drove out to the parent’s house and as he did so he was thinking of how sad it was that Steve was gone now. He just recently relocated to the area. John arrived at Steve’s parent’s house and knocked on the door. Steve’s mom answered the door and was glad to see John, but she could tell something was wrong. John started to lose control of his emotions but he gathered up enough control to tell her what happened.

He explained to Steve’s mom and dad that Steve had been murdered. The cops were working on it and he said that the detectives told him that they were confident they would be making an arrest soon.

John left Steve’s parents house after giving them all the information that he had and he said that if there was anything he could help them with, do not hesitate to call him. The detectives were in the process of watching the surveillance footage from the bar.

They watched the last part of the tapes from the night Steve was murdered to see if they could get a good look at this blonde woman. Surprisingly enough the image was pretty clear of the woman’s face.

They had an image copied off the tape and decided to allow the TV station’s and newspapers to run the picture. They wanted to see if the public could identify the woman.

Someone did, in fact, recognize the woman. They called the police and said the woman in the image was Kathie Combs, she was a college student at the university located in Candleariomouth.

So the detectives went to the college and located Kathie and asked her to come to the station with them. She wanted to know why and they said they would explain it to her when they got her to the station.

When she found out the reason she was horrified, she said yes I was at the bar and at his apartment. But she said he was alive when she left his apartment.

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