Murder of Steve Doublesteve in Kentucky

image-.jpgMurder of Steve Doublesteve in Kentucky – Steve Doublesteve lived in Candleariomouth, Kentucky.

Steve was 27 years old and was blonde headed and blue eyes and stood 6’4″ and weighed about 220.


He was a bartender at a small bar a few blocks from where he lived in a nice apartment complex. It was not uncommon for Steve to bring a girl home that he had met at work. But this last girl wanted more than a one night stand she wanted a relationship.

Kathie Combs was a 25-year old that frequented the bar that Steve worked at quite often. She would sit at the bar and drink and would talk to Steve whenever he wasn’t busy serving customers. Kathie was a college student in the University located in the town of Candleariomouth. She and Steve talked one night and she ended up going home with him.

The next morning Steve woke her up. And he told her she needed to go home that he had things he needed to do. She told him that she didn’t want a one night stand that she wanted a relationship with him. He, in the kindest way he could think of, told her he didn’t want a relationship with her. She was very upset and left crying and cursing at him. Steve didn’t think much about.

A few weeks passed and Kathie was still fuming mad at Steve showed up at the bar again. She sat at the bar so that Steve would have to serve her. She acted like she was not mad at him and talked to him really sweet. Steve took her act hook line and sinker. He invited her back to his place once again and she accepted the invitation.

When they got back to his place they were kissing and hugging. Steve said he needed to use the restroom. When he went into the bathroom, Kathy jumped up and went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. Quickly she brought the knife back to the couch. When Steve got out of the bathroom he came back to the couch and started back kissing and hugging.

Murder of Steve Doublesteve in Kentucky

Steve didn’t come into work the next day which was out of character for him. If he ever had to miss work he always would call and make arrangements. So the owner of the bar called his cell phone several times. But each time it went straight to his voicemail. So the owner decided to go to his apartment and check on Steve. When he got to the apartment he knocked and knocked on the door but there was no answer.

John the owner of the bar got ahold of the apartment complex owner. He told him the situation and got him to bring a key up to open the door. John was worried something had happened to Steve. Seems like it was out of character for Steve not to call or show up to work. When they opened the door there laid Steve on the couch dead someone had killed him. So they called the police to report a murder, and the cops showed up as did a detective.

The detective determined that the killer had acquired a patina of respectability from the victim because there was no forced entry. Plus the fact that the door was locked whenever John and the owner of the apartments found the victim.

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