Research on my New House Reveals its Secrets Part 3

Research on my New House Reveals its Secrets Part 3Research on my New House Reveals its Secrets Part 3.

I immediately called the antique dealer – John, and I told him what I had seen.

He told me he knew someone that dealt with the paranormal field.

And that he would call them and have them get in touch with me. It wasn’t long before I got a phone call from the paranormal expert. I told him about what I had seen and that I was on tenterhooks.

And I told him that I had purchased this farm with the old house on it. It used to be a Civil war hospital and the owner at one time was Rohan ‘Machette’ Papalia a mobster. The paranormal expert said it sounded like the old house definitely had a lot of history.

I asked him what I should do in this situation? He said that if it were him he would have a paranormal expert come and investigate it. And then determine whether the “ghost” was friendly or not.

I told him that I bought the farm and house in hopes that I could remodel the house. And that I wanted to live in it. I asked, “is there was a possibility that when I tore the inside of the house out that the “ghost” would leave?” He said, “Not really, because there would still be wood from the original home and that the “ghost” would be tied to it.”

So he agreed to come out and do an investigation. He said also he would determine whether or not the house would be safe to live in or not. Two weeks passed and the paranormal expert called and set up a date to come by an do the investigation. I asked if I could tag along on the investigation and he said, “Sure.”

The night came that they were going to do the investigation. They showed up early to set up the cameras and voice recorders. As soon as it got dark they began the investigation. The whole night long they did not find one piece of evidence that this has anything to do with the paranormal. Where I should look now I asked? Try doing more research and that might give clues to what was going on the expert said.

Research on my New House Reveals its Secrets Part 3 the secret

So I went to the courthouse. I asked to see public records of who used to own the house and farm. And also to see if there was a blueprint of the house. Upon looking at the previous landowner documents and blueprint of the house there was something missing. The blueprint was different. It had different rooms than what this blueprint was showing. I asked if I could have a copy of this blueprint and they gave me one. So I went back to the house and the antique dealer John showed up.

I showed him the blueprint. And I told him this is the one on public file at the courthouse.  But it was different from what the house looked inside. I said, “Are you here to go on a treasure hunt?” I showed him to the attic. And I told him I was going to look around with this blueprint. I was going to try and figure out what was going on.

As I searched I came to a wall that was not on the blueprint. What was behind this wall? I called John to come and have a look. He said, “I wonder what is behind the wall?” I ran to the truck and came back with a prybar and hammer and said, “Let’s find out!” So I began to remove the wall covering. I finally got a hole in the wall and took a flashlight and shined it into the hole. It was a secret room of some kind.

I went ahead and tore a hole big enough to climb in and I was amazed. I told John that I found the ghost. It was an intricate set of ropes and pullies. I started playing with them and sure enough, the ghost appeared. So who was controlling the ropes and pullies when I had seen the ghost?

Research on my New House Reveals its Secrets Part 3 the Conclusion

As I looked around the secret room for clues to who might have been in my house controlling the ghost. I saw a secret entrance. So I followed it down a set of stairs that came down on the backside of the house. At the bottom of the stairs laid a business card. I picked it up and it was a business card from John the antique dealer. And it was a new card, not one that had been laying there for any amount of time.

As I came around the side of the house I saw John jumping into his car. He was leaving in a hurry. I called the police and they came out, first of all, I showed them the secret room and entrance way. And I also showed them what I had found. They said that they had speculated him to be involved in other crimes too.

So they went and tracked him down. It turns out that my house had lots of relics that had been stolen by John. And that he had known about the room and secret entrance way. And he used it to scare off potential buyers. He did so that he could keep rummaging around and stealing the relics. He was arrested and charged with burglary and sentenced to many years in prison.

I got most of the relics back from John’s shop and I decided that I would just keep them. As I finally finished remodeling the house and removed the extra room and all the pulley system and “ghost”. I restored the house back to its original blueprint and moved in.

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