Research on my New House Reveals its Secrets

Research on my New House Reveals its SecretsResearch on my New House Reveals its Secrets – I finally after many years working was in the place to buy a house.

So I started looking around the area I lived in Kentucky. Just to see what I liked and what I could afford.

According to what I had read, it was a great time to buy a house.

It seemed like I had searched for weeks and had not found anything I liked. I was a general contractor by trade and I was looking for a house that I could buy to renovate. But all I was finding was, either way, overpriced or something that needed to be burned and rebuilt. I was in search of a Colonial style house specifically an 1810 Federal Home. It is the same kind of house that I grew up in Kentucky.

As I searched around for this kind of house. I happened upon a farm that was for sale that had exactly the house I wanted on it. So I inquired about it, the price seemed like a fair price for farmland and a house that I wanted. So I made an offer and they accepted it. I was now the owner of the 135-acre farm and a beautiful 1810 Federal Style Colonial home.

I was in no hurry to remodel the home I still owned the house I was living in. And I would do so until I got the remodeling done at the new place. So I decided to do some research on this old home that was on the farm I just bought.

Research on my New House Reveals its Secrets

It turns out that it used to be owned by Rohan ‘Machette’ Papalia a mobster from back in the day. According to what I found out is that he used the home as a sort of safe house.  When things would get hot he would move there until things would cool down.

Who would think a mobster would be living out in the country on a farm. Especially with all the sights and smells that a farm has. As I dug deeper into the history of the house. I found out it also was used as a hospital in the Civil War. This house had a lot of history.

So now knowing what I knew about the house I figured it would be a good thing to go exploring. I had not been in the house and I wanted to see what I could find if anything. There was an attic so I figured I would start at the top and work my way down. As I reached the attic door I felt uneasy, I felt a bad vibe like someone was watching me.


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