Cold Dark Night in November Broken Down Conclusion

Cold Dark Night in November Broken Down ConclusionCold Dark Night in November Broken Down Conclusion – What was the officer trying to say to me?

Was he warning me, or threatening me?

I said, “What do you mean it’ll be lucky if I ever get back home?”

He wouldn’t tell me and would only sit there with a deranged look on his face.

I asked him if there was a taxi service or a car rental place here? He said, “Nope” this town has nothing of the kind. I couldn’t get it out of my mind what I had seen earlier. The person which I now know was the police chief being beaten with a 2×4. I wondered if he was still alive.

I asked the officer if he was the chief. He said, “I’m acting chief.” I said, “did something happen to the chief?” He said, “Yea, he was killed earlier this week.” I said, “Oh I am sorry to hear that.” The officer said, “He was no good at being chief as he was very corrupt!” I thought to myself something was going on here and it couldn’t be good.

The radio squawked in the background. And the person on the radio said, “Hey we got an identity on that fellow, he dropped his wallet. His name is Johnathon Whittle, lives in Fairfield, IN.” I was horrified at what I had heard. That was me and apparently, I had lost my billfold and had not realized it as I was running.

“Well Imagine that,” the officer said back into the radio while looking at me. I bolted for the door but it wouldn’t open. The officer was laughing at me because I wasn’t going anywhere. “Where are you running off too,” he asked? I said, “Now I don’t want any trouble.” The officer said, “Too late for that, you should not have come snooping around where you didn’t belong.”

Cold Dark Night in November Broken Down Conclusion

He said, “Because I ain’t no cop. I kill cops! Just like what you saw earlier out there at the old house off the interstate. Now, what do I do with you?” I said, “Let me go and you will never hear from me again.” He laughingly said, “That’s what they all say!” I said, “Well I mean it!”

He laughed at me and jumped up and grabbed me and handcuffed me. I said, “Well surely someone in this town would find out about me. Or find out what happened at that house.” He said, “No they won’t. Want to know why they won’t find out because we killed everyone in this town.”

Johnathon Whittle’s wife reported him missing and that is as far as it ever got. He was never heard from again.

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  1. This was amazing, I really love this short story that made me jump at the cop who was truly evil. I enjoyed this short story so much, your writing is simply amazing and that short story painted a picture inside of my mind.

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