Cold Dark Night in November Broken Down Part 2

Cold Dark Night in November Broken Down Part 2
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Cold Dark Night in November Broken Down Part 2 – I continued on across the open field.

Finally, I came to a small road and I could see lights off in the distance.

A town I thought and so I headed in that direction.

After walking another 30 minutes I finally came to the town of Forrester. It was a small town but surely they had a police station. I found the courthouse, so I must be getting close.

Around the corner, I went and there in front of me was the police station and a motorcycle. That was odd because it certainly looked like the one that was chasing me. When I entered the police station I noticed a picture on the wall of the police chief. It was the same man that was being beaten by the bikers. And behind the desk in front was one of the bikers, in a police uniform.

Cold Dark Night in November Broken Down Part 2

I played it cool and asked if I may use the phone. I told him I was broke down on the highway and needed to call my wife. So I could get her to come get me. He said, “go ahead.” He wanted to know if I needed a tow truck and I said, “Yes I do, but need the car towed to my town. We live in Fairfield, IN.”

I called the wife and asked her to come get me after I told her I had broken down. I said I am in Forrester, she said, “Where is that?” She put in the name Forrester and said, “There is no Forrester in the GPS.”

I asked the officer what the closest big city was. He replied, “You’re in the middle of nowhere, there is nothing for miles in any direction.”I told him that Forrester doesn’t come up with the GPS. And I needed to know where to tell my wife to come get me.

About that time the phone went dead. The officer said, “It happens all the time around here.” “Well when does it come back on”, I asked? He said, “Could be an hour, or could be a few days.” The officer said, “You’ll be lucky if you ever get back home.” What snippet of information was he trying to convey?

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