This Cave Doesn’t Exist Part 3

This Cave Doesn't Exist Part 3
Photo by Adam Sherez on Unsplash

This Cave Doesn’t Exist Part 3 – We swam back to the boat and climbed aboard.

I took off my diving gear, still crouching low and moving easily so not to draw attention to the boat.

I went into the cabin area where the steering wheel and all was.

The key was in the ignition.  I tried to turn it and there was some battery left but not enough to turn the engine over.

This boat was big enough that it had sleeping quarters and a gally. But I doubt there was any food aboard the boat. We looked in the cabinets and found some canned food.

The date on the can shows it to be 40 years old from the date when we left yesterday. But seeing that Tylosaurus swimming around I’m not sure what time period we are in.

This Cave Doesn’t Exist Part 3

So we searched the boat and found a couple of fishing poles and some tackle. Now we could catch some fish to eat. We started fishing and got some bites it was no time we had a fish on.

I got it reeled in and I’m not sure what kind of fish this was but I was bound and determined to eat it. So we checked the gally and surprisingly the stove worked. We cleaned the fish and started cooking it.

After eating (the fish was delicious btw) we riffled around through the boat looking for supplies. I found a set of binoculars and I took it up on deck to search for land. I could see land directly behind us, that must be the island we had left from.

So I went back down below and searched for a map in the wheelhouse. The map I found shows where we are on it. But only on the opposite side of the world than where we took off from.

We needed to get back to land and see where we were. The boat we were on was big enough it had lifeboats. So we decided to drop one down into the water and head for the shore.

We headed off towards the shoreline keeping a watchful eye out for that Tylosaurus as we did not want to tango with him.

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